The World’s Most Expensive Smartphones

By Adrian Cruce

If you think that the $1 million that you need to pay for the most expensive laptop in the world is a lot, think again! The price for the most expensive smartphone in the world will leave your jaw so far down to the ground that it will be painful to get it back up. That is a guarantee.

Let’s see the most expensive smartphones in the world and see if they are actually worth it. Well, this does depend a lot on how much money you have but still, it is cool to know about the really expensive gadgets that some people actually buy.

gold htc one

Gold HTC One – $4,489

HT created an authentic gold device right after Apple’s faux iPhone 5S made out of gold. This device is valued at $4,489 and there are just 5 that exist today. The smartphone includes 18k gold plating, just as the name implies. Besides that, it is just a regular HTC One.

Tag Heuer Meridiist 2

Tag Heuer Meridiist 2 – $5,305

This smartphone comes for a really well known watchmaker that from time to time enters the smartphone market. This time they included a stainless steel frame that has a rear panel with gold, diamonds and rubber. The device is definitely captivating and it is dual-SIM. However, the display is nothing special and there is no real reason why you would buy it. We can say that the technology used is outdated but it is still a pretty expensive smartphone.

savelli jardin secret

Savelli Jardin Secret – Starts at $9,000

This nifty little smartphone is stunning, made by world renowned jewelry maker Savelli. The jeweler will launch a really high-end phone that is created especially for ladies. There are 12 luxurious Android smartphones in the line and the Jardin Secret collection includes ritzy materials like 18 karat gold, diamonds, ceramic and iguana leather.

Vertu Signature Touch

Vertu Signature Touch – $10,300

This is a luxury phone that every single Android lover will appreciate. Vertu presents the Signature Touch, a stunning phone with a titanium casing and genuine leather rear panel. You will love the fact that Android KitKat is included and the tech specs are pretty impressive: 2.3 GHZ quad core processor, 4.7 inch 1080p crystal display, NFC, LTE and 64 GB of included storage. To make the package even sweeter, you have a 13 megapixel camera and great speakers.

black diamond iPhone 5

Black Diamond iPhone 5 – $15,000,000

We did expect to see some diamond packed iPhone 5 as the most expensive smartphone in the world but we did not expect that $15 million phone. This is even more than what we saw with the most expensive laptops. The smartphone was created by Stuart Hughes. The chassis is solid gold and we have 600 flawless diamonds included. The addition of 26k black diamond is just the icing on the cake.

Spending so much money on a smartphone seems a little weird but if you have the money, why not? The one that we definitely do not recommend is obvious but the rest of the expensive smartphones do look great and they are not too expensive (except the $15 million one). We do not know how many black diamond iPhones are out there but there are surely not many.