Asus G75VW-DH72 Vs MSI GT70 One-609US Dragon Edition

By Dzhingarov

There are many different interesting gaming laptops available for those that are interested. Whenever talking about this laptop class, most people automatically consider Alienware. Well, Alienware is not the only brand that you have to take a look out at. Both MSI and Asus bring in strong competition with laptops that are designed for gamers that want the best from their gaming experience.

We will now compare two devices that are usually compared by those that want to buy a gaming laptop but do not necessarily want Alienware. It should be mentioned that both of these are ranked higher than Alienware when looking at the best gaming laptops out there.

asus vs msi

Asus G75VW-DH72 vs MSI GT70 One-609US Dragon Edition

MSI GT70 One-609US Dragon Edition is rated as being a little bit better overall than the Asus G75VW-DH72 and its MSRP is at around $900 more than the other laptop that is compared right now. However, you would need to pay more for the Asus model at the moment in most shops from around the world, which is the main negative that we can mention when trying to give the edge to G75VW-DH72.

Asus comes to the table with the Intel i7 3720QM (2.4 GHz) processor while MSI includes the Intel i73630QM (3.4 GHz), all with an extra 250 GB in storage space.

Both gaming laptops are designed for Windows 8 and weigh around the same (8.7 pounds, respectively 8.6 pounds). Asus launched its model in 2012 and MSI in 2013 but both are still popular in 2014. This says a lot about the quality that is offered.

When it comes to RAM, the gaming laptops are practically identical. They both include 16 GB of DDRam 3 and can be upgraded up to 32 GB.

Since we are talking about gaming laptops, you are definitely interested in the graphics card. The truth is that those included are top of the line, really similar to each other. MSI GT70 One-609US Dragon Edition has a newer model but not with that much extra performance possible.

On the whole, both gaming laptops are interesting and have to be considered. They are not as expensive as others on the market and when thinking about price-quality ratio, most experts agree that you will need to choose between these two. We have to give the edge to MSI on this one though. Not only is the model newer on the market, the big difference stands in the included CPU speed, which can have a drastic effect on your gaming experience.