Sony VAIO Pro 11 SVP11223CXS 11.6″ VS Apple 11.6″ MacBook Air

By Adrian Cruce

Both of the laptops that we talk about here are interesting and are considered by shoppers from all around the world. Choosing between them is tough but not impossible. It all depends on what you are interested in. Let’s try to take a look at some facts that will help you to choose something that is better. The reviews for both laptops are very good among specialists from all around the world.

sony vs apple

Tech Specs

Sony VAIO Pro 11 SV11223CXS includes a 1.6 GHz CPU Intel Core i5 Haswell while the MacBook Air has a 1.3 GHz CPU, also i5 Haswell. The cache for both is 3 MB. When it comes to installed RAM, Sony comes on top with 8 GB while MacBook Air only has 4 GB.

When it comes to graphics, although both laptops have an integrated card, Apple’s stands out a little as being stronger. We here have an Intel HD 5000. The Sony VAIO Pro 11 SVP11223CXS includes the Intel HD 4400.

When it comes to storage, both laptop models offer 128 GB with air being Flash Storage and Sony giving you access to SSD. The battery for MacBook Air lasts 2 hours more but the weight of the laptop is a little higher. However, at 1.08 KG this should not be a problem.


Display is becoming increasingly important these days. Sony realizes that and included touchscreen, a capability that this MacBook Air does not have. Both of the displays are similar besides that, being LED and 11.6”. When it comes to the finish, MacBook Air is the one that wins as it is Glossy and Sony does not have a finish but the offered resolution is better by Pro 11 SVP11223CXS’ display with 1920X1080. Apple only offers 1366X768.


Both models feature 2 USB 3.0 ports but Apple also has one Thunderbolt included. Sony gives you 1 HDMI port and Apple offers 1X MiniDisplay port through the above mentioned Thunderbolt. Audio wise you will get everything that you would expect with both models. There is nothing really special that can be mentioned here. We should add though that Sony has one extra port, a flash media slot (SD). Both laptops offer Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi and no Network support.


On the whole, choosing between the two is obviously subjective. If we were to choose, we would go for the Apple MacBook Air since this particular model is better. However, if we are to compare the same laptop with another Sony Vaio Pro, we would have a different result, choosing Sony.