Great Health Tech Gadgets

By Steffany Kellam

These great health tech gadgets will help you improve your sleep, monitor your heart rate and track workouts – perfect for anyone seeking more restful nights’ rest or tracking their workout progress.

Wireless ring and watch that lets you monitor blood pressure without using cuffs on the arm, plus it comes in 6 colors!

1. LG PuriCare Mini Air Purifier

LG’s PuriCare Mini is an awesome device to help improve air quality in your home, office or car. Equipped with a PM1.0 sensor to detect pollution levels and a Dual Inverter Motor that creates fast air flow. Plus it features whisper-quiet operation with up to eight hours of runtime from its rechargeable battery! Plus via Bluetooth it connects directly with smartphones so you can receive updates regarding filter information as well as real-time ambient air conditions!

This device is an essential for anyone with allergies. Light and compact, it makes traveling easy while its four fan speeds allow you to tailor its operation according to your individual situation.

2. TytoHome

With the right gadgets, your home can become its own virtual doctor’s office. TytoHome is an award-winning telehealth device that enables you to perform medical exams and connect into virtual consultations with physicians – saving both money and time on trips to clinics.

Built for families, this portable and user-friendly device was created to make life simpler for parents. Connected via Wi-Fi to any smartphone or tablet, it includes a hands-free video camera, portable exam kit containing an otoscope, stethoscope and tongue depressor as well as mobile app with built-in guidance technology.

Tyto Care’s kit can be utilized by parents, caretakers, and patients alike; its data is securely transmitted via HIPAA compliant connection and stored for future use by its app. Tyto Care CEO and Co-Founder Dedi Gilad was inspired to establish Tyto Care after she noticed her own daughter suffering from chronic ear infections which required frequent days off school and work due to frequent absences; Gilad recognized there must be an easier way of diagnosing acute care situations among families who lead busy lifestyles.

Tyto Care and Best Buy have joined forces to launch the device in the US market, making it available both online and at over 300 retail stores nationwide. It enables remote clinical-grade exams of ears, throats, lungs and hearts for accurate diagnosis.

If you are feeling under the weather and seeking professional advice, just book an On-Demand Virtual Visit with St. Luke’s to have one of their physicians assess your symptoms, examine you remotely and send you any necessary prescriptions if required. TytoHome pricing includes an initial user fee; after which an annual user fee of R790 for Discovery clients and R945 for non-Discovery clients applies respectively.

3. Withings Steel HR

Withings has created an exquisitely designed hybrid smartwatch in their Steel HR Smartwatch, the first in their activity tracker wearable series since 2014. It combines beautiful watch design with cutting-edge technologies including heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking capabilities and connected GPS for fitness analytics.

The Steel HR has a small display that cycles between showing the date, digital clock, step count, distance traveled and calories burned – each feature can be navigated using an “opulent crown-shaped button on its right side which acts as a scroll bar to navigate between features. Unfortunately it can be confusing which direction this crown-like button needs to be rotated when switching features.

One of the great aspects of this device is its long-lasting battery. According to Withings, it has an estimated battery life of 20 days per full charge; that makes it better than many hybrid smartwatches on the market, which often run out of juice in under 24 hours of usage.

Another impressive aspect of the Steel HR device is that it connects with over 100 different apps on your smartphone, including workout apps, messaging apps and more. But you must pay close attention when running multiple applications as that will reduce battery life. In addition, the Steel HR has a sleep tracker which monitors movement during sleep to provide you with a score in Health Mate based on duration, depth, regularity and interruptions; plus it features an alarm vibration alert at optimal times in your sleep cycle cycle.

4. Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System

With the iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System, it is now easier than ever to track your blood sugar level from any location using a smartphone app. This FDA-approved meter transmits real-time glucose readings directly to your paired device and allows you to view results visually via charts and graphs. Plus, its digital logbook feature makes keeping track of diet, exercise and medication easy; cloud capabilities make sharing results with doctors and family easy as well!

This system is an innovative device that pairs wirelessly with your smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity to deliver precise readings within five seconds, then stores them into the iHealth app for analysis or sharing with your doctor. Ideal for people wanting a tech-friendly way of managing diabetes.

Designed by iHealth Labs Inc, this glucose monitoring system is light and compact for convenient transport. The kit includes everything needed to begin monitoring, such as a meter, lancing device, travel case and two boxes of 100-count test strips. A smart LED display shows current and previous readings while its color-coded feature helps set personalized goals for glucose levels.

The iHealth Gluco-Monitoring System integrates seamlessly with both Apple Health and Samsung Health for an enhanced picture of your health. Simply download the iHealth Gluco-Smart application from either Google Play or App Store to begin monitoring glucose levels daily, offering tips and reminders to reach your goal glucose.

5. Pison Ready

At CES 2019, Pison Technology introduced an eye-tracking device called Ready that measures your mental clarity and reaction times through tests taken on your wrist. It can even measure how quickly and clearly-headed you’re thinking!

Pison Ready was designed to be easy for anyone to use, using patented neural biosensing technology developed for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) patients to detect neurological signals that suggest mental alertness. Electroencephalography technology captures and analyzes brain activity before sending data via Bluetooth directly to your smartphone or computer.

The app lets you monitor cognitive scores over time and compare your performance against personal baselines, helping detect decreases that could indicate impairment from head injury, fatigue or lifestyle choices like drugs or alcohol consumption. Furthermore, it predicts circadian rhythm to optimize training and recovery schedules.

Pison Ready can be purchased as part of a subscription model — three months for $59, one year at $119 and two years at $299. Although its effectiveness remains to be seen, the device serves as an eye-opener to how health technology has expanded beyond physical ailments into emotional well-being and mental well-being. You can learn more about it on its website.