Best 9 Language Learning Apps You Will Love Using

By Adrian Cruce

There are literally millions of apps that are completely useless and apps that we need on our PC. There are practically apps available for anything these days. This includes learning a foreign language.

We all know how useful it is to learn a new language and with great apps, this can be fun and entertaining.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of wonderful language learning apps you can download and use. In fact, most of them are free. To help you save time, here are those apps that you should consider first.


When it comes to language learning apps, Duolingo instantly stands out and it is impossible to talk about the best ones without mentioning it. The app is perfect for all the beginners that want to learn a foreign language. What is particularly interesting with it is that language learning becomes gamified when you use it. This is important because it makes learning a foreign language fun. It will not take a lot of time to learn basic words, grammar, and vocabulary with it.


The language learning experience offered by Busuu is similar to Duolingo as you mix listening, reading, writing, and speaking. After going through the lessons, you get to understand the basics of the target language you chose.


Babbel is a pretty affordable and a very fun tool to learn a new language. It utilizes proprietary algorithms in order to personalize the individual language learning experience. Native speakers were used to voice what you hear and you can easily end up learning proper word pronunciations. This is the biggest advantage of using Babbel.


Few people know this but Tinycards was actually launched by Duolingo. This fun and free flashcard app can be used on your mobile device, wherever you are. Get to choose from different topics or create your very own decks, based on what you want to learn from another language.


This is another really useful free language learning app you can consider. Just as the name implies, free quizzes are featured so you can learn new things about practically anything you want. The most popular feature it has is Flashcards. Besides this, you can play games, create a quiz of your own so you can share it with your friends or take different tests.


Ankiweb (popularly known as Anki) is a very popular language learning app that has existed for quite a while now. The design it has is similar to all the other free learning apps you can use as it is an electronic flashcard tool. With it, learning a new language becomes simpler since you can easily remember words and phrases.


This is another very useful tool for those that want to speed up language learning. Fun brain games are available. Play them in order to activate your mind as the language is learned. Basically, this is an app that makes you think faster and learn a foreign language faster.


If you want to become better at memorizing new things, Memrise is the app to try. It is focused mostly on learning a new language but the app is also very useful when you want to memorize words coming from specific disciplines and fields. If you prepare for a biology exam or an SAT exam, Memrise helps you to memorize things faster.


This monthly membership website helps you to connect with professional language teachers from around the world. The best thing about it is that you get to work with one at a fraction of the money that you would pay in real life. The lesson can be as short as thirty minutes and you can schedule whenever you want to, regardless of time of day. Rype can be checked out if you want to learn how to speak another language faster.

Quick Tips To Remember When Learning A New Language

No matter what language learning app you decide to use, make the experience better by remembering the following tips to improve faster:

  • Know Why You Want To Learn

You should not start learning a new language just because it is cool. The important thing is always to do it with a purpose. Do you want to get a new job? Do you want to understand what Kpop idols say. No matter the reason, find it.

  • Listen To Yourself Talk

Even better, talk to yourself in the foreign language you learn. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing this. In fact, it helps you to learn faster. A big advantage of doing this is that it keeps new phrases and words fresh inside your mind. At the same time, it does wonders in building up confidence.

  • Have Fun While Doing It

Creativity is always a part of using the new language you learn. This is impossible if you do not have fun in the process. You can record yourself and then add funny filters to share on social media. You can start drawing and using the language as you do this and so on. Always have fun and it will be a lot easier and faster to learn any new language.

  • Act As If You Were A Child

Speaking about having fun, adopting childlike attitudes can be very beneficial when learning a foreign language. Remember that learning is faster when you make mistakes. When we were children, this was completely acceptable. Allow yourself this courtesy.

  • Listen To Natives Speak

Before you can speak a foreign language, you need to be willing to listen to natives speaking it. Every single language will sound really strange at first. However, as you get more and more exposed to it, you will start to understand everything better and faster.

Final Thoughts

Any of the language learning apps above can help you to learn a foreign language faster than you initially think. However, some will be better than others for you. Try them to see what is better-suited in your case. Different people learn in different ways. That’s why you absolutely need to keep experimenting.