The Most Expensive And Useless Android Apps Right Now

By Adrian Cruce

How much money would you pay for an Android App?

The Most Expensive And Useless Android Apps Right Now

There are actually countless Android apps that are very expensive, much more than people expect. We are naturally used to apps that are really cheap, with the marketplace showing average prices between $1 and $3. At the same time, around 45% of apps are completely free to use.

At the moment, there are over 2 million apps that can be downloaded for Android devices. Out of them, some are simply rarely ever installed. This is not because of the reasons we imagine, like them being really bad. It is because prices are very high.

Without further ado, here are the most expensive Android apps that you can buy right now.

Super Color Runner – $200

This is a very expensive game. At this price tag you would expect something with incredible graphics but this is not actually the case. The game is an endless runner. There are 4 paths on which you can run and you switch between them in order to pick up batteries and pellets. Your goal is to stay alive for as long as possible.

Graphics are incredibly simple and the app can run even on the really low-cost phones. However, this is practically the only real feature we can mention. It does not justify this price.

Zollinger’s Atlas Of Surgery – $249.99

This app tries to teach you the common surgical procedures. You learn how to do them with well-established, safe methods. Only 10+ installs are listed in the Google Play Store for this app that has a layout with Index, Content, Notes, Bookmark and Search. That is pretty much it.

Over 230 procedures are included, with 1600 color highlights helping grab attention for the actions that are important. The app does include absolutely all needed indications, positions, preoperative preparations, operative preparations, postoperative care and closure.

I’m Rich 2019 – $375

This app literally does nothing. All that it does is waste your money, a lot of it. In fact, this type of app is so popular that there are many available right now, including a hilarious take on this through an app called “I’m Not So Rich”. The app still does nothing but it is under $5.

Most Expensive Ball Game – $351

There is nothing special to say about this game since it is pretty basic. Even so, many bought it. It was also available for free for some people through different campaigns, most likely just to get some reviews. As a result, there are many very bad reviews, including one that was really funny and sarcastic. A Google Play user wrote in his review:

“Amazing! Spent my life insurance on this wonderful app, and I say it was worth it! Even though I am homeless now, I still play this app every day. Absolutely outstanding! Best ball game.”

The developers definitely trolled the entire marketplace with this one, especially since there are also ads present in the game. You spend hundreds and you still get ads.

Abu Moo Collection – $400 per app – $2400 in total

If you want to prove that you are rich even with the apps that you buy, this is the collection to get. Abu Moo is a developer that took “expensive” and made it luxury.

In case you did not know, the maximum price possible for a Google Play app is $400. You simply cannot sell an app for more. Abu Moo saw that and uploaded 6 applications, each at a price of $400 and turned them into a collection.

The name of each app in the collection is the name of a precious gem. You collect all six for the price of a high-end computer. Then, you get access to the “amazing” features of the apps: absolutely nothing.

These apps are just widgets that each show a gem on the home screen.

So, would you pay $400 to have an amethyst on your screen? Is that worth it? Who knows? You do whatever you want with your money, right?