3 Gaming Mouse Grips – Which One Do You Use?

By Adrian Cruce

3 Gaming Mouse Grips – Which One Do You Use

There are countless gaming mice available on the market at the moment. Even if we just look at gaming mice we can see a huge number of models that you can buy. It can be difficult to choose one, especially when your budget is limited. You cannot simply look at the top sold gaming mouse on Amazon and buy it.

Obviously, your decision is going to be influenced by the games you play and how much you play. Many FPS gamers prefer different gaming mice than MMORPG gamers. Also, there are often some preferred brands, like Logitech or Razer.

Besides the subjective choices you will make, you have to look at technology, specs and features. There are so many things that have to be considered that it is very easy to forget about gaming mouse grip. This can be very influential.

The three most common gaming mouse grips are presented below. Read about it to make a better choice for you.

Palm Grip

With the palm grip, your palm rests on the gaming mouse, just like most of your fingers. This is a grip type that is extremely popular because the hand stays relaxed while it rests on the gaming mouse. Basically, it is comfortable.

The mouse becomes a hand extension of sorts. You end up doing slower arm movements more often than fast wrist movements. This makes your cursor move more accurately and smooth. The mouse that is designed for a palm grip is designed to fit either the right hand or the left hand.

If you decide to buy a mouse for a palm gaming grip, be sure that you choose one that is large enough for your hands. You want to be sure that the entire palm rests on the mouse.

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Fingertip Grip

This grip is basically the opposite of palm grip. Only the fingertips stay on the mouse. The palm is off the gaming mouse and up.

The position will make it a lot easier to lift the mouse so you make really fast wrist movements. I personally prefer this grip because I play a lot of League of Legends and I need fast wrist movements.

When you use the fingertip grip, you need a mouse that is lightweight. Usually, you need a low-profile, smaller gaming mouse with a weight under 100 grams. This does depend on arm and wrist strength and size. However, the smaller the mouse, the easier for you since fast wrist movements can lead to injuries.

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Claw Grip

As you surely already figured out, the claw grip is a mix of fingertip and palm grips. In this case, gingers form a claw shape. The bottom of the palm rests on the back part of the gaming mouse.

In the claw grip position, you have much better movements of your wrist than with the palm grip. You also get better control than with only fingertips. If this is the position you use, the ambidextrous shorter mouse that has a high profile and a rounded back area works best.