How To Choose The Best Video Broadcast Software For Mac

By Adrian Cruce

How To Choose The Best Video Broadcast Software For Mac

Windows is by far the most popular operating system for desktop systems, with a market share of around 90%. We also have a clear mobile device usage increase so Mac OS might seem like it is not a great option for video broadcasting but this is incorrect. Mac OS usage is actually growing, especially when referring to video and photo editing.

The main user base of Mac OS actually includes numerous professionals in the multimedia world. This is a huge reason why video broadcast software for Mac OS is an important tool that is needed for the professional streamers.

Below you can see how to choose the best video broadcast software for MAC and then some recommendations to be aware of.

Choosing The Very Best Video Broadcast Software

There are 3 really important things to consider as you choose the software that is the very best for you: compatibility, features and price. In order of importance for most users:

·        Price

When it comes to price, you will quickly notice that variation is huge. Some of the professional broadcasting suites cost over $1000. Also, you can find some that are completely free. You even have open-source options to consider.

·        Features

Every single video broadcast software comes to the table with different features. You have to look at them in order to see exactly what you would actually use and what is useful for you.

Some of the features that might or might not be included:

  • Video sources supported – how many are supported.
  • Video source types supported, like IP cameras, NDI or HDMI.
  • Non-Camera source support, like screen captures, audio files, DVDs or images.
  • Chrome key support.
  • Transition support.
  • Supported resolutions.
  • Output formats.
  • Inserting graphics, lower thirds and titles.
  • Instant replay support or multiple camera angles.
  • Video filters and effects.
  • Potential mobile control through a smartphone or tablet.

·        Compatibility

No matter what program you choose, it has to be compatible. This means it has to support your camera and the video upload host you use. Normally, this will interfere with the devices you use for capture.

You also have to choose video broadcast software that is fully compatible with the hardware you might be using. This does include camera switchers, audio mixers and more.

Some Video Broadcast Software Is Not Compatible With Mac OS

The big problem is that most video broadcast software is not compatible with the Mac OS. This does include some of the really popular apps, like XSplit or vMix. These are used a lot on Windows setups.

There is a disparity between number of programs available for Windows and those available for Mac OS. This is simply because Windows has always been the broadcast industry standard, usually due to software and hardware compatibility. Fortunately for MAC OS users, this changes and Macs are quickly gaining popularity. Many broadcasters started to adopt Mac OS due to the superior capabilities.

Best Live Streaming Options For Mac OS

The great news is that there are many options available if you want to broadcast video content on Mac OS. The very best are definitely Wirecast and OBS Studio.


Wirecast offers different software and services that can be used. This is a high-end live streaming package that offers incredible functionality. Here is what you need to know.

·        Price

There are 2 versions available: Studio and Pro. You pay $695 for the Studio option and Pro is $995. Price can be even higher if you want extra features. Upgrades include:

  • Premium customer support – $299 per year.
  • NewBlueFX Titler Live – $245 to $945.
  • Firewire HDV input support – Only Studio users should buy this for $99.
  • Virtualsetworks – $329

You can opt for the trial version, which is completely functional, but it does include watermark.

·        Features

Wirecast includes numerous features that make video broadcasting better. Some examples:

  • Unlimited support sources from computer screens to IP cameras.
  • Audio-video sync tool.
  • Full support for file sources like images and videos.
  • An iPad or iPhone can be used as an external wireless video camera source.
  • Source switching that supports transitions.
  • Twitter integration.
  • Editing options for all available sources like resize or filters.
  • Chroma key support.
  • GPU-accelerated encoding.
  • Slideshow and playlist support for queueing up.

·        Some Extra Pro Features:

  • Wireless Teradek stream integration.
  • ISO recording.
  • Built-in scoreboard generator.
  • Virtual sets.
  • Local program output feeds.

If you convert from OBS you can import your OBS scene collections into Wirecast.

·        Compatibility

Telestream Wirecast is compatible with both Windows and Mac desktops. There are supported cameras, capture cards, webcams and other various hardware devices listed on the official website.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is highly popular video broadcasting software that is open source. Its name literally stands for Open Broadcaster Software.

·        Price

OBS Studio is completely free. You do not have to pay to use it. Also, the software is open-source so code can be manipulated. The programmers can so easily modify OBS Studio in order to streamline workflow and integrate brand new features. You can find them online and use them in your setup.

·        Features

Numerous interesting features are available, including:

  • The possibility of recording the live streams automatically.
  • Unlimited use of file sources, video sources and audio sources.
  • Transitions are supported.
  • Filters are added for all basic video effects desired.
  • Built-in audio mixer.
  • Plugin support.
  • Very easy to connect to the online video platforms.

The only disadvantage with OBS Studio is that you cannot stream live with multiple bitrates at the exact same time.

·        Compatibility

Just like Wirecast, OBS Studio is available for Mac OS, Windows and Linux. The problem is that there is no hardware list for software that works with OBS Studio.

Consider Using Hardware Encoders

Hardware encoders have to be considered as they have all the functionality live streaming encoding software has, all packed into the equipment. These can be really simple and small, making them perfect for mobile video streaming or they can be larger and suitable for studio use (rack-mounted).

The 2 best options at the moment are:

  • Tricaster – 5 product lines are available, costing between $5,000 and $18,000.
  • Teradek – Prices vary between $700 and $4000.


While Mac OS does not support many live streaming programs that are standard on Windows, both WIrecast and OBS give streamers access to all that is needed. Obviously, you can also consider the streaming apps designed for Mac that are not that common. Hardware encoders should be considered for the broadcasters that want a lot more power.