The Best Apps For A Windows PC

By Adrian Cruce

The Best Apps For A Windows PC

No matter what Windows version you use and how many utilities are added by Microsoft, there are always some extra utilities and apps that you want to add for enhanced usage. Obviously, what you are going to install is based on what you actually want to do with your computer.

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Make sure that you also let us know what your preferred apps are through a comment. Till then, here are some of the very best apps for a Windows PC, those that are actually recommended by a vast majority of users.

1Password or LastPass

You always want to avoid the unwanted situation in which someone hacks you and gets access to your passwords. This is why you absolutely need a proper password manager. Few people actually have one installed and they just rely on browser features. Do not make this mistake and go for a standalone, professional password manager.

Two of the best options available are LastPass and 1Password. They will both add passwords and IDs automatically to apps and recommend some strong random combinations that increase account security. By using one of these apps, you never worry about having a password that is weak or forgetting it.

Affinity Photo

Some sort of image manipulation app is always a great addition to a Windows PC. Nobody can deny the fact that Adobe Photoshop is the best but it is quite expensive for the casual users. This is why an app like Affinity Photo, which just costs a one-time $49 fee can be exactly what you need.

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Affinity Photo has an interface that is very similar to that of Photoshop. This means that even if you are a veteran of photo editing, you will be familiar with what you can do with the app. Also, new functionality is constantly added to this app.

LibreOffice Writer

Using an online word processor is definitely the norm, with people from all around the world paying for Microsoft Word. If you do not want to make such a payment, you can consider LibreOffice Writer as a rather unknown but excellent option.

LibreOffice Writer is open-source and along the years it managed to become really good. It does have the majority of features that you expect in the expensive applications but they are available for free.

VLC Media Player

Although most people these days watch videos online through different streaming services or just on YouTube, a media player is necessary on a Windows computer. You never know when you actually need it. VLC Media Player is by far the best free option available on the market. It has been around for a really long time. It is really easy to use, efficient and offers countless video and audio codecs. It is hard to find a video or audio file that cannot be played by VLC.


Speaking about audio software, Audacity is a free audio editor that you should consider, especially if you are interested in recording a podcast or you just need to do some audio editing. It offers pretty good editing and recording tools and comes with many plug-ins and effects. You do not need to pay for expensive audio editing software in most cases since Audacity has all that the regular user needs.


Most people have an antivirus software app on their Windows PC but did you know that there is malware that will infect your computer and not even let you use the antivirus program? This is where something like Malwarebytes comes in to offer a huge helping hand. This is actually a highly effective anti-malware solution that offers that extra layer of security that we all want and need. It is also free for the personal users.