Best Price Comparison Shopping Apps

By Dzhingarov

Price Comparison Shopping AppsComparing prices is something we all want to do in order to save some cash but it is so hard to move from one store to the next. Thankfully, we have access to shopping apps that will compare prices for us. The apps have been getting better and better every single year, sometimes helping people save thousands of dollars. While all may be based on what you buy, every dollar counts.

What are the best apps you should choose when you want to compare prices? Those below are definitely some of the ones to consider. Obviously, you may use others. In that case, drop a comment right at the end.


There is a barcode scanner included in the Amazon app. Use it as you are in the store in order to find that item inside the Amazon store and then check the price tag. There is a camera icon added close to the search bar. Click on it and then hold the smartphone over the barcode. Sellers can buy UPC codes for Amazon.

Walmart Savings Catcher

This is a special feature included in the regular app from Walmart. Right after you shop from the store you can scan the receipt. It will allow you to compare the prices of the items with the advertised deals of competitors. You then receive the difference back as an eGift Card from Walmart or an American Express Card based Bluebird deal.

Buy Via

This is great for those looking for tech items. The app will compare prices at local and national outlets. You can set up some alerts for various products. If you are inside a store and you are not sure about how low the shelf price is, you can utilize the included UPC barcode scanner. Buy Via will tell you if the price is the lowest and you can easily get extras to help you shop, like reviews, product descriptions and similar data. For many items it is even listed who the gift is recommended for.

Shop Savvy

This is quite a wonderful app for those that want to shop smart. You can search or scan for the desired items and then see how much they cost online and in the store where you are at the moment. Based on the scan you can see where some sales exist for extra savings.

Scan Life

The app gives you the possibility to compare local and online prices. At the same time, you manage to read some real user reviews and share what you find on social networks. Rewards are going to be won as gift cards if you are active.


This is one app that is really good when you are looking for toys. TTPM will help save cash by putting electronics, toys, sporting goods and other gifts perfect for children in just one spot. Comparing prices becomes really simple. It is easy to browse, search or even scan the barcode in order to locate prices and gifts. Video reviews are also available.

With this app you can scan SKUs and locate sites with really good prices. When you do not know exactly what you are looking for, deals available in categories can be browsed. If the app is added to the Share function, shopping can be done through other apps while you find the very best price with the use of On the whole, this is an app that is perfect for those doing a lot of online shopping.