Fast Windows 10 Tweaks That Boost Performance

By Dzhingarov

Windows 10 Tweaks That Boost PerformanceWindows 10 is definitely an improvement and we can easily say that this is the best Windows operating system yet. We have so many brand new features that will improve performance and speed. The OS in theory works faster and better than 7 or 8.1. However, if your machine is a little older, you will not notice that speed that everyone talks about.

The problem is that Windows 10 now includes various settings and features that have a negative impact on performance. You can tweak them and many tutorials about this are available online. It is always a good idea to just open the Task Manager, see all processes and see what consumes too much. Learn about the service/process and remove it if you do not need it.

Some really simple tweaks are listed below.

Conserve Power By Turning Off Notifications

Windows 10 now has a notification center feature that is similar to what you see on Android or on iOS. It is pretty useful but it will definitely drain your battery and will reduce performance as more notifications appear. If your PC configuration is not that strong, you will want to disable notifications. You do this from the start button, in the Settings section. Navigate to Notifications and Settings from the System menu. Alternatively, you can also reduce how many notifications are displayed. You turn off the notifications completely by turning off the Notification Center.

Eliminate Windows Tips

Windows 10 now shows you some tips and tricks from time to time about features. There is an app that does this. It is called “Show Me Tips”. In some computers this app actually consumes a lot of RAM and increases processor use. There is no real reason for this. It just ends up happening. If you see that the app does consume a lot of your resources, you will want to eliminate this.

Go back to Notifications Settings by following the steps above. Then disable “Show Me Tips About Windows”. That can help so many Windows 10 users until a fix will appear, if it will appear.

Remove Dynamic Color Adaptation

One of the really interesting features that Windows 10 has is a user interface that will adjust taskbar and window frame color based on the colors in the desktop wallpaper. This is definitely something that is lovely but it can increase CPU usage at a dramatic rate. It can also reduce the machine’s overall performance.

What you want to do is go to Settings and Personalization. Head over to the Colors tab. Just change the feature that tells you that an accent color is automatically picked from background. Look at other features there like transparency. You can use that to reduce the effect on the CPU and RAM even more.