4 Very Interesting Dental Technology Trends To Be Aware Of

By Krasimir Hristov

As expected, dental technology keeps evolving and it does so at a very fast rate. While 2020 was not a great deal for anything health technology related because of the effects of the pandemic, now, in 2021, we do expect some clear improvements. We do not know exactly what will stick and what will not. But here are some very interesting dental technology trends you need to keep your eyes on.


There are many different cases in which visiting the dentist is quite difficult. This includes those that have special needs, those with disabilities, and the elderly. It is tougher for them but teledentistry is capable of making a difference. It basically allows you to offer some of the dental services of the clinic through the use of the internet.

Obviously, you would not be actually treated over the internet. What would happen would be the staff and the patients being able to use the internet to set appointments. This eliminates wait times and the possibility of being put on hold when scheduling. For instance, you can contract a dentist via the internet and know exactly when you need to visit the dental office. Patients can talk with dentists online, clinical notes can be created, and more.

Cloud Technology

Cloud backup and cloud storage have been around for quite a long time now. Even so, many dental offices do not use such technology. After 2020, it became clear that this is a very interesting and useful option.

Cloud-based storage will help secure the private information of patients. Human error is reduced, which is quite important since in the US alone, almost 50% of the data breaches happen because of human error.

The cloud can be used to automate the clinic’s backup process and desktop software can be ditched. Expenses are reduced and you can be sure all software used is always up-to-date.

3D Printing

3D printers can offer numerous advantages, which means this is one of the biggest dental trends to be on the lookout for. 3D printers are capable of reducing manufacturing costs for several orthodontic supplies and appliances. In addition, the dental office can gain countless other benefits when using 3D printing. This includes:

  • Orthodontic Model Creation – Traditionally, orthodontic models were created by having patients bite down on some specialized clay. This offered the dental impression. Unfortunately, such a process is time-consuming and uncomfortable. The 3D printer just requires the use of a dentition digitized image.
  • Easier Dental Restorations And Repairs – A patient’s mouth can be photographed and then images scanned to then manufacture bridges, dentures, and dental crowns. This process is actually a lot faster than with the regular options used in most dental offices today. Waiting for weeks to receive a dental crown is no longer necessary. The 3D printer is even capable to construct dental instruments that are much more specialized, so you do not have to buy actual products.

Smart Toothbrushes

Nowadays, more and more smart devices are developed every single month it seems. It was just a matter of time until we would see smart toothbrushes available. This device basically guarantees that you always use a correct technique when brushing teeth. There are also sensors inside the gadget that record brushing habits. A smartphone app allows you to check these. For instance, you get to learn about how much pressure is used, what areas are brushed, for how long you are brushing, and even toothbrush using angle. After some use, the app will offer you tips on where you could improve.