Get Your Products shipped To Canada

By Adrian Cruce

Facedrive Canada is one of the most popular international freight forwarders. The company was established in 1998 by forwarding industry veterans. Since then, Facedrive has continued to provide excellent shipping services to shipments destined for Canada or the USA. In addition, numerous shippers offer freight services that enable clients to track their shipment’s progress through online portals. This allows clients to keep track of their goods whether they’re on their way to Canada or to the USA.

Facedrive’s transportation services include non-stop air freight service from both Toronto and Montreal. They also offer transportation services between Canada and the USA and Asia. The company offers transportation services that enable clients to track the shipment of their goods regardless of the destination. When a client wants to re-transport their goods back to the US, Facedrive provides a cost-effective alternative to hiring a third party logistics consultant. The company is proud that it is the only one of its kind to offer third party logistics consultation and a full freight and cargo insurance coverage.

One of Facedrive’s main strengths is that it provides valuable information about shipping freight shipping to customers. It gives you an overview of the status of your shipments and important information like the delivery date, address, customs declaration number, carrier and more. Moreover, Facedrive helps you sort out problems that may arise during delivery such as delayed or lost goods. Its shipping and delivery software to help you resolve common problems easily.

Another advantage of shipping with Facedrive is that they offer a full freight and cargo insurance policy that covers your goods when shipping them to Canada or the USA. The policy not only covers your goods while in transit but also covers them while in storage. If you’re worried about losing your valuable items in transit, Facedrive can help. The transportation services provider also provides an insurance cover that reimburses you if your goods are damaged or stolen during transportation.

Apart from being in Canada, Facedrive is also accessible to international customers. It has branches in Germany, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Thailand and more. International orders are usually shipped via trucks. So, when you choose Facedrive, you can be sure that you’ll be dealing with well-trained and experienced professionals who are willing to give you the best service possible. They have a very strict process for screening and pre-authorization of shipments so you can feel safe about your goods.

If you’ve already used Facedrive before and you’ve been satisfied with the service, you might want to try out the company’s other services too. Facedrive offers more than just shipping. It offers a full range of solutions that include freight and container tracking, warehousing and supply chain management, air freight services, carrier management and terminal equipment rental services. The company is committed to improving its processes and to providing better service to its clients.

One of the benefits of choosing Facedrive is the ability to combine your personal shipping needs with the professional expertise of this Canadian company. As a client, you get the best possible shipping options at the most competitive prices. You can get different rates from various carriers and choose the ones that best suit your shipping needs and budget.

Facedrive was founded by two men – one from Canada and one from England. David Conroy grew up in Canada and later worked in IT for over 23 years. Tom Price grew up in England and later started his own computer company. Together, they came up with a plan to make the best services available to businesses. Today, Facedrive is well known all over the world as one of the leading shippers, inventors and manufacturers of computer accessories and equipment.