Xbox 720 – all rumors, facts, and news

By Steffany Kellam

Release, price and hardware of the Xbox 720: We collect all news and rumors about the new Microsoft console for you. Guide make news an online forced the round.

The Xbox 720 (code name: Durango) is eagerly expected by players. The graphics of the Xbox 360 is now obsolete, the next-gen console is ushering in a new era of console gaming. At this point follow all current rumors and news about the release of the Microsoft game console, at the price and potential hardware specs for you at a glance:
Update: Xbox 720 – online compulsion

The Xbox 720 will require a continuously active Internet connection at the user for the operation. The website has presented screenshots of suspected Of the Xbox Development Kit (XDK), reveal new information. According to TheVerge, you must therefore always install games on a hard drive. Playing from the optical disk is not possible.

Games must be activated online. This activation must be probably online constantly updated and maintained as a measure against copied and used games. The authors but limiting to point out that the mentioned screenshots from the year 2012 coming. That is, it is possible that Microsoft is now apart from the online coercion. One must therefore carefully deal with the new rumors.
Xbox 720 – hardware specs

The heart of the new Xbox to a AMD 8 core CPU the Jaguar series, supported by 8 GByte DDR3 RAM, form. An AMD Radeon HD 8000 with eDRAM should provide never-before-seen graphic splendor
Xbox 720 – release

Currently, industry insiders say that the Xbox 720, code name Durango, not, as expected, only at E3 in June 2013 the first time officially presented, but already in March or April. A release in the fourth quarter of 2013 is very likely. In connection with the release date of October is also often called.
Xbox 720 – price

The new Xbox will cost to launch between 350-400 US dollars (262-300 Euros).
Xbox 720 – facilities

A Blu-ray drive should make the new Xbox to an entertainment center in the living room and take advantage of the PlayStation 4. By the Illumi-room projector to be the game play realistic, make projections into the living room for the 3D-Ereignis console games.
Microsoft wants to integrate its VoIP service Skype in the new Xbox. Skype is to replace the outdated voice chat. Also all games and downloads on a Xbox account should be established what makes it almost impossible to resale’s of games. Also read bout Xbox 720 launching event here.