The Future is in Your Hands: The Best Business Applications for iPad

By Steffany Kellam

It’s time for your employees to put down their pens and paper and pick up an iPad. iPads are becoming more and more common among businesses across the United States and for good reason. They offer a more convenient way to perform daily tasks that are essential to the success of any company.
When you decide to begin using an iPad on an every day basis for business purposes, make sure you download the following business applications:

Dragon Dictation

Writing or typing presentations can be a hassle. Your hands may get tired and finishing a written speech can take hours. Dragon Dictation is the perfect solution for this type of problem. Dragon dictation is a standard application for those who need to create a large amount of written documents. This iPad app allows its users to speak into the device and then generates a document based on what is being said. This application can save businessmen and women a considerable amount of time and a future filled with arthritis pain.


Keynote is one of the most popular programs available today for Mac computers. It has recently been reworked and programmed for iPad use. Keynote is used primarily for building presentations that are similar to PowerPoint slides. Users can now build their presentations on-the-go with this application. Pictures, text and video can all be added with the tap of the finger. Once the presentation is done, the iPad can be connected to a computer or projector and the file can be transferred.

Agenda Calendar

Do you have trouble keeping up with meetings, important daily tasks or forgetting to make important phone calls to clients? The Agenda Calendar is the perfect solution for your organizational problem. The Agenda Calendar allows users to effectively organize multiple online calendars into one easy-to-read platform. They can then add as many events, tasks or alerts as they want right from their iPad.

Analytics HD

If your business deals with Google Analytics on a daily basis, this iPad app is for you.
Analytics HD for iPad allows business owners and employees real time access to their Google accounts. Users can view reports, make changes to their settings and share information during meetings with other people at the same time. This invaluable iPad app is perfect for business owners who need to be constantly connected to their accounts, regardless of where they are.


LogMeIn works like any other virtual access software, except you can access any PC or Mac straight from your iPad. If you find yourself constantly away from your desk yet you always have a need to access pertinent information from your desktop, this app is for you.

Asana Mobile

Asana Mobile is one of the most advanced iPad task manager apps available today.  Business owners and managers can delegate a variety of tasks to their employees straight from their iPads. Once the tasks have been handed out, they can check in on an individual’s progress and are notified once the task has been completed. This app is perfect for those who need to assign a large amount of tasks in a short amount of time.


Business owners love spreadsheets, and the Numbers iPad app allows anyone to create great looking spreadsheets within minutes. The Numbers app replaces the need for Excel spreadsheets. Once a spreadsheet has been created using this application, the user can share it with anyone by including it with an email as an attachment. There is no longer a need for messy paperwork and endless hours of manually creating spreadsheets using a desktop computer.

Author: Brenda Panin  – Follow her on Google+.