Things to consider when renting a projector

By Dzhingarov

When seeking to rent a projector, instead of hastily jumping into buying one, it is crucial that one takes into consideration, a few sets of options, whilst keeping their needs and requirements at the forefront and thereafter, leasing one accordingly.


Screen Size

One should thoroughly analyse the reason for which the projector is required. Whether it’s for personal use at home or for the theatre, what it comes down to is, judging by the size of the audience the individual is planning to entertain, one needs to decide on the size of the screen that would be suitable for them and from there onwards one needs to look into further.


High lumen or low lumen and Resolution

Deciding on whether to go for a high lumen or a low lumen projector will depend on the audience size. The bigger the audience, lager the venue would be, which equates to one requiring a larger screen for the projection. Larger images require higher lumen count, and smaller images can do with low lumen projectors. Another feature to consider is the Colour Resolution. Depending on whether the projections will be HDTV or DVD based, will help one to choose, what resolution projector to go for. HDTV requires a high resolution projector and DVD can with a low resolution projector. Though if one simply gets the higher resolution projector, one that suits HDTV projections, DVD too could be viewed on that same projector, in fact they video quality for the DVD would actually be sharper and finer on a high resolution projector.


Outdoor or Indoor viewings

If using the projector outdoors, it will require a high lumen projector, but if the projections will be made indoors, then a low lumen projector would do.



There are two principal types of projectors, namely DLP and LCD.  DLP has a higher resolution, which means that projection produced are of high quality and have a better contrast, since they are high lumen projectors. Also, DLP happens to be the pricier of the two options. Depending for what purposes one is looking to rent a projector, if it is for business presentations then the LCD would get the job done, especially if they one is looking for a cheap rental option. But if are planning to view video clips one would be better off getting a DLP projector as they produce a higher quality image.


Rental Company

Whether it’s for personal use at home to watch a movie perhaps or business presentation, whatever the reason for renting a projector might be, just make sure to aim for a rental company that offers a suitable package and meets one requirement without exceeding one’s budget.

Compatibility with the source devices

Whichever device one plans to connect the projector to, In order for it to be compatible with other devices, the projector needs to have the right kind of input slots. So make sure to rent a projector that would be compatible with the source device.

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