Best Android Apps for Cell Phone Tracking

By Steffany Kellam

Android smartphones are widely popular for their incredible features that allow you carry out a number of functions with great convenience. These small devices allow you to store your personal data like docs, contacts, photos and videos so you definitely want to keep them well protected against the security threats and other similar issues. Here are some of the best Android apps for cell phone tracking:



SeekDroid can help you prevent the security threats for your Android device and also enable you to retrieve it in case it goes missing. This cell phone tracking software allows you to locate your Android service through its GPS feature. The location of the device is often displayed on a map along with history. It also alerts you with notifications when the device gets out of the designated area. This app can easily work even if the SIM card is not inserted. It also provides text messaging support for maximizing your convenience.


Android Lost:

This cell phone tracking app allows you to track the location of your device through email, SMS and internet etc. You just need to log in to in order to control your Android device over the internet. It allows you to remotely read all the incoming and outgoing text messages, carry out data wipe out, lock the device, remove SD card, set alarm, forward calls, start/stop Wi-Fi, send text message through web page, get call lists, SMS speak command, SMS message command, restore settings, take pictures from camera and a lot more.


Where’s My Droid

This app allows you to locate the device location through Google maps. You just need to log in to in order to remotely control various activities of your Android device like password protection for preventing the access of unauthorized apps or getting notifications in case the SIM card is changed. It works in stealth mode and hides the incoming text messages along with attention word.


Anti Droid Theft

This cell phone tracking software allows you to prevent the issues like stolen or misplaced devices. The GPS feature of this app helps you track the location of your device. The amazing thing about this app is that it not only helps you monitor the physical location of your device but also acts as a spy camera for viewing the pictures taken from the camera of your phone. You can easily view these pictures by logging on to It also notifies you whenever someone changes the SIM card on your stolen or lost Android device.



It is also an amazing cell phone tracking tool for Android devices. The GPS capability allows you to locate your misplaced device in real time. It also offers remote locking and data wipe out feature that allows you to ensure maximum protection of your private data stored on to your lost or stolen device. It also allows you to keep a track of all the incoming and outgoing calls, sent and received messages and emails in order to know who is using your lost device. The incredible features of this app not only allow maximum protection of personal data stored on your device but also enable you to retrieve it.