Most Popular Online Games in 2014

By Dzhingarov

The PC games market is pretty dynamic. We could compare it with gadgets: every year there are new models, improved elements and so on. It goes exactly the same with games: they either release a total new game, or they continue the story of the games that are already popular in order to bring a “fresh air” for the players who don’t want to get bored.

Even though over the past few years, Sony PlayStation or Xbox gained field in the gaming world, computer games are still the most appreciated. A great advantage for online games is that many of them are free. Despite the downloading and the installing part that takes some time, a good F2P (free to play) game is rare nowadays.

This is why I decided to make a list of free online games in 2014.

Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest and Vindictus have an excellent graphic and they are appreciated by gamers because of their combo list and skills that could be used in different ways. When it comes to fighting and slaying dragons and demons, skills are very important and Vindictus is a game for those who want to know how to play.


Warframe is an extremely unique game and it gets updated very often. They are constantly changing the base of Warframe and it gets better and better. You are basically a ninja and you get all kind of ninja weapons and they are definitely unique. You are going through these dungeons and you do different things. It is a simple concept, but the PVP is great.


Robocraft. The game is only getting better. Basically, you get a lego and you put all the things together. You make your own vehicle; there’s physics to this game and you can make flying machines, tanks, moving fortresses – you can make anything you want. You can use different weapons and they are adding more constantly. It’s actually pretty popular.


Smite is a game where you can jump into and pretty much have most of fun. It’s absolutely fun due to the different characters that you can play with, because they all have different mechanics and pretty unique kicks.


Nosgoth is a shooter. If you play with humans, you have guns and everything, but if you play vampires you have different special abilities and you need to fight more using melee. It’s pretty simple and balanced. Each round you switch between humans and vampires – whoever gets the most kills wins.


wallpaper change ascend tribes images recognized 1920x1200 tribe

Tribes Ascend is amazing. It gives you the most unique feelings and sensations that you’ll ever have in a video game. You move so fast and difficult that you might even get mad at this game.

Magicka Wizard Wars


Magicka Wizard Wars – remember that name, because it’s really fun. There are different roles that you could play with, but what’s really awesome is that each character can do every single spell.

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 – if you don’t play team fortress 2, you just don’t know what you are missing out. Maybe some of you think it’s just an old game that has a bunch of hardcore players that do it for a while and you are not going to get anywhere if you start from zero, but no. This is the perfect mix of casualness and competitiveness. It really is awesome, because you can jump into any server. It’s fantastic! You can be a spy and you can literally turn into another player from your enemy team and sabotage them. You can be an engineer and build stuff and so many others. It’s pretty much everything for anyone’s taste.