HP Chromebook 11 VS Acer C720 Chromebook

By Dzhingarov

Acer and HP are definitely going head to head in many various parts of the market and the Chromebook experience is definitely a huge competition. We are talking about 2 interesting devices with 11 inch display, similar functionality and the same operating system. However, when referring to design and specifications, there are differences that appear. While Google markets Chromebook as being suitable for everyone, which Chromebook is great for you is something that you will have to figure out.

HP Chromebook 11 VS Acer C720 Chromebook


HP Chromebook 11 has white as the main color used with some blue accents. When compared with Acer C720, HP is a little lighter, smaller and more compact. Acer C720 has a darker color theme, quite close to black. Glossy finish is not included and will remind users a little of the Lenovo laptops that are really popular at the moment. Acer does offer a lighter model when compared with the past ones sold and a lot of people do enjoy the black color since it looks more professional as opposed to white, which is preferred by others. Liking one of the two will definitely be something subjective.


Both units feature a resolution of 1366X768 and the display is of 11.6 inches. The HP 11 Chromebook comes with an advantage in the 1101us model due to an IPS display. Viewing angle is better and the experience is definitely more pleasing. The problem is that it is all glass so reflections will appear. Acer C720 Chromebook does not have IPS option but does feature anti-reflective display. Reflections will not be a problem when you are faced with broad day light exposure.


Acer C720 is more powerful when thinking about the processor used. At the same time, the integrated graphics card is better so we are faced with a clear advantage when referring to both processing power and performance. Both of the devices include 4 GB of RAM memory with 16 GB of sotorage, SSD type.


Obviously, you will be interested in this. HP Chromebook 11 helps you to last for around 6 hours, based on activity. However, Acer C720 can be used for up to 8.5 hours due to the superior Haswell processor as it is highly effective. Acer Chromebook wins if you want more battery life.


We all know that for most people price is what counts the most at the end of the day. HP Chromebook 11 comes on the market at $279 and Acer C720 is around 30 dollars cheaper. With all this in mind and what was mentioned above, Acer C720 does manage to win the competition of the HP Chromebook 11. In fact, those that choose HP will only do so because of the design, in the event that white is the preferred color.