Vampire Apps: Which Apps Are Killing Your Battery?

By Dzhingarov

There is nothing worse that picking up your mobile to make a call, only to discover it’s dropped down to the last few dregs of battery power and you don’t have a charging outlet nearby. You could wait and talk to your best mate in person, or check emails in a cyber café, but then what would be the point in having the latest android handset?



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So if your mobile is continually running out of juice and you can’t figure out why, here is a list of the worst battery sucking vampire apps out there. Continue to use them, but don’t wander too far from a power outlet or your mobile device will end up deader than Count Dracula.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush has to be the most addictive game on the planet. Once downloaded on to a mobile device, it is virtually impossible to resist sneaking in a game at every opportunity, even when you are supposed to be working. In fact even politicians are not immune to the lure of Candy Crush Saga, as Nigel Mills MP will testify to, but the downside to this, and other mobile games, is that they drain a mobile battery fast.

Facebook for Android

Facebook is probably one of the most popular social networking apps for Android. The beauty of downloading Facebook on to a mobile handset is the sheer convenience of being able to post status updates on the go, chat to Facebook friends while you are away from a laptop, and post photos on the fly. Unfortunately, though, the flipside of installing the Facebook app on your mobile is watching your phone battery drop to zero extremely quickly.

Puzzle & Dragons

Puzzles & Dragons is a massively popular mobile game, particularly in Japan. Players collect dragons and move coloured orbs around to make the best match combos in order to win booty and slay opponents. Puzzles & Dragons for Android is fun, easy to play, and totally free unless you make in-game purchases. But although the game won’t drain your wallet, it will suck the life out of your battery, so bear this in mind before settling down to a gaming session on the morning commute.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

In the Minecraft world, everything is made from blocks. Players can create and explore millions of different places within the Minecraft universe, and if you download the Minecraft mobile app for Android, you can continue the fun whilst away from home. Apart from when the app kills your phone battery and you run out of charge.

How to Save Battery Life

Turning off 3G, 4G, location finding services and Wi-Fi will help to preserve battery power if you are miles from a charging outlet. You might also wish to use a find a charger map to check out where the nearest charging outlets are in your local area. And if you plan on heading out into the Great Outdoors, invest in an emergency battery pack or solar charger for your mobile device. It might just save your life