The Most Expensive Smartphone Apps

By Dzhingarov

Android Smartphones continue to be in hot demand. According to recent reports published by IDC, 68.1% of the market is dominated by Android, experiencing a 106% growth each year.

Android Smartphones have come a long way since their initial release in 2008. Since June 2012, more than 600,000 apps can be found in Google Play marketplace. To date, more than 20 billion apps have already been downloaded.

expensive smartphone apps

If you are looking for some of android’s most expensive apps, don’t be surprised that Google does not permit developers to charge more than $200, unlike Apple Inc. whose maximum allowable price is $999.

The following are some of the most expensive apps available on the Android Smartphone:

I’m Rich!! (White Diamond)

At a hefty $130, this is a non-functional app that is placed on your Android’s desktop. It is basically used to show off how much wealth you have!

pcMapper Db-Nova Spatial

This app is great for individuals who enjoy editing maps and GIS data-collection. This app is an extended version of pcMapper Lite in that it enables users to edit ESRI® shape files on an Android device. Current retail price for this app is $149.

Anesthesia Central-Unbound Medicine, Inc.

This app is great for anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists, and critical care specialists. It is a comprehensive repository of drugs, procedures, tests, and diseases needed to treat patients before, during, and post surgery. This app is organized in a easy-read format, enabling professionals to locates answers quickly. Current retail price for this app is $159.

Nursing Central-Unbound Medicine, Inc.

This is another medical reference app ideal for nursing students and practicing nurses. It includes Tabor’s Medical Dictionary, Davis’s Drug Guide, and a system of study to help nursing aspirants succeed on their exams. This app is available for $160.

Emergency Central-Unbound Medicine, Inc.

This app is ideal for professionals working in the emergency room. It contains a large database of facts which help in accurate and quick diagnoses. The app features Davis’s Drug Guide, the Emergency Medicine Manual, Medline Journal, Guide to Diagnostic Test, and Diagnosaurus DDX, all for $160.

Medline Central-Unbound Medicine, Inc.

This app is similar to Nursing Central in that it has a database for medical doctors, including a 5-Minute Clinical Consult which offers details on more than 900 medical health conditions and over 200 pediatric conditions. It also provides evidence-based recommendations in a rapid-access format. This handy app is available for $160.

MBE Preparation-eBar Review-E-MBE, LLC

Got an addiction to Words With Friends or Angry Birds, but have to study for the bar exam? This app helps you pass the bar examinations with flying colors. It addresses questions on the multistate portion and includes more than 1000 questions which are officially licensed from NCBEX. Thorough explanations are provided with each question. This useful app is available for $199.99.

It is evident from the apps listed above that your Android Smartphone is truly a “smart phone”. From studying for the bar exams to treating patients, who wouldn’t mind the measly $200!