Nexus 6P Review

By Dzhingarov

We have news for you today about Nexus 6P. The greatest news so far is that the second generation of Google phablets now uses Android Nougat. The new Nexus 6 is easy to hold and easier on any wallet which are pretty great features to take into account if you are making research for the purchase of a new product. Let’s see more about what it has to offer.

Main Pros

If we were to analyze the most important advantages of Nexus 6, we must start by mentioning the fact that it is a really nice to hold type of phablet. Moreover, it features amazing specs for its price. It is less expensive than some of the similar products available for purchase yet it does not lack main features you need in this type of devices. It includes the latest version of Android, which has become a must these days. It also comes equipped with front-facing stereo speakers that help you enjoy perfect audio quality every day.

Some Downsides

In terms of downsides we would mention the fact that the rear camera bulge does not make users interested in stylish designs too happy. Also, it seems to feature no optical image stabilization which is a pity because it would have come in handy. Last on the list of downsides is the lack of wireless charging options that users have come to appreciate in other products. No issues in terms of functionality, just some upgrades that should be considered by the manufacturer in the case of future upgraded versions based on modern technology.

More Features

Nexus 6P has been recently revised with the main purpose of reflecting the improved version of Android Nougat Beta. This is really good news and users around the world were expecting the upgrade. You can now easily download it on the handset and take advantage of its features in no time.

The surprise in the case of this phone is the fact that it features a design that might be considered uncommon. This is what manufacturers have actually intended: to come up with something that might be different from what we could see in other Google-commissioned smartphones. It features a metal design which is quite an upgrade if we were to consider the plastic one encountered in Nexus 5X for example.

It is relatively flat around the back side and features interesting edges. Feels comfortable to carry on and use in one hand but you may need both hands to operate it properly and easier. We are talking after all about a 5.7 inch display, not the smallest choice.

Everything on this phone gives it a luxurious look. The power button is riveted and features a special texture. It has a smooth volume rocker found on the right side of the frame. We really dig the stereo speakers included because these are front –facing and actually working well.

Nexus 6P is an interesting option to consider if you are making your research for a new purchase. No off-beat color to scare you away and interesting features to take advantage of for a reasonable price.