LG G5 Review

By Dzhingarov

Ready to discover the LG G5 smartphone? Do you think you will discover interesting new features and innovative technology that might make this product reach top place on your wish list? Let’s see what it has to offer and decide whether it might be a good or bad option of purchase at the moment.

Main Pros to Consider

As far as LG G5 goes, from a very first look, we would say that there are three main pros to consider in its case. First of all, it features a lovely screen that will immediately attract your attention. Second of all, it offers users the opportunity of enjoying the use of a great wide-angle camera that will help them make the best photos and videos of their life. Third of all, you cannot miss to notice its USB-C fast charging option that have become a must in the new world of technology we live in these days.

Main Downsides to Consider

In terms of downsides, there are again three main features we would mention at this stage of the review of LG G5. The first one refers to its overall quality which seems to be kind of dodgy built. Things could have been better from this point of view. Secondly, software in its case is not great-looking so it becomes part of the ugly side of this new device. Lastly, the suspensive modules make users wonder whether it is worth purchasing it for its full price right now.

Specific Smartphone Features and Options

Now that we have established the main pros and cons of this smartphone just from looking at it for a few minutes let’s analyze it in detail. This way, we will discover more about what it can offer to interested users.

LG G5 features a 5.3-inch screen and a Snapdragon type of processor with an 820 capacity and 4 GB of RAM capacity. There are 32GB available for onboard storage and a microSD slot in its case. The battery is 2800 m AH type and you will also find an USB v 3.0 type of port included.

The surprise comes from the fingerprint sensor as well as the rear camera and front camera that the smartphone is equipped with. These new options allow you to do a lot more than you used to be able to do in the past with previous LG smartphones.

The main downside in its case has definitely always been the lack of interesting modules in previous versions. We all want a smartphone that looks good and it might not be the most expensive item on sale but no smart user wants to compromise on entertaining modules. In this case, these are available now but come with some interesting costs. However, what we see and get from purchasing it is a lot better than in previous cases.

All in all, LG G5 is a good choice of purchase if you are looking for a smartphone that looks good, not the best but which also features modern technology for a well-balanced price. It is all about user preferences in the end.