Nexus 5X Review

By Dzhingarov

The Nexus 5X is a really interesting smartphone that offers much more than initially anticipated with the new 2017 update. It now includes Android Marshmallow, has a good screen, performance is solid and the build quality is good enough. However, there is no microSD slot and the device is a little sluggish.

Unfortunately, Nexus 5X does not fare well with time passing. You would be faced with a deteriorating performance and battery. These are easy to notice and the users will be frustrated after just a few months. The hope is that future Android version can fix the performance problems.


Nexus 5X is basically under the line to the Nexus 6P, with a smaller screen and slower hardware. Nexus 5X though is cheaper and quite affordable, especially when bought through carrier contracts. Even so, when looking at the competition we can say that it is a little more expensive in the market. The bargain coming with Nexus 5X is not the same as with Nexus 5. It is just the software that makes the smartphone one of the best in this smaller part of the phone market.

Design And Features

The design of the 5X is quite similar to that of Nexus 5, both bearing the LG manufacture logo. For many users the Nexus 5X has an unimaginative, dull appearance. However, most will see the design as being quite a good one. It is a comfortable handset that is good for long term use. The idea is that LG managed to take the good parts of the design and refine everything even more.

The phone is not giant, with a 5.2 inches screen. The weight and size are similar to Samsung Galaxy S6. It is just a little wider and taller. There are some design upgrades when comparing with the 2013 predecessor, like the addition of USB Type-C instead of microUSB. You will also most likely appreciate the new fingerprint scanner added.

Screen Quality

This is an important feature for the modern buyer. Both Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 were sub-par. Nexus 5X features a 424 ppi, 5.2 inches display that is basically a middle ground between the previously mentioned devices. The colors will be properly balanced and there is no saturation present like with the Nexus 6. We have good black levels and whites will be clean, all with a good-enough viewing angle.


The Nexus 5X is quite interesting but there are some that are better. However, some fans will exist and many will be interested in getting this smartphone at the current price tag.