Top 10 Most Reliable Laptop Brands To Consider

By Dzhingarov

Choosing the most reliable laptop is always something difficult to do because choosing out of the many different brands is usually something that is highly subjective. We need to think about so many different factors but the brands that are mentioned above are surely going to be suitable for most people. Remember that a laptop is only as reliable as how it is handled by the user. This is one factor that many seem to forget these days.



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While with other brands that would be included in a top of the most reliable laptops we would have debate, with Apple there is no debate. There is absolutely no doubt that Apple currently offers the most reliable laptop with a brand that is seen as a synonym for reliability and style. The only problem is the high price tag.


Dell is currently the biggest of all laptop manufacturers and reaching such a status would not be possible if sold units would not be reliable. The Inspiron series was really well received by buyers from all around the world and not many complaints exist about Dell laptops.


HP is a really well known brand in the laptop market and that is mainly because of the reliability that is offered. Envy and Pavilion are really well seen and the reputation of the brand is still strong these days, even if the competition is a lot higher than it used to be a few years ago.


Asus comes to the table with good technology, strong performance and a stylish design. Many customers see Asus as a highly reliable brand. Even if this is a manufacturer that started out as sub-manufacturer, it is now recognized as a producer of some of the most reliable laptop units in the world from netbooks to gaming machines.


Lenovo constantly grew ever since it purchased IBM’s laptop manufacturing operations in 2005. It is currently seen as one manufacturer that brings in a lot of trust to the table. The market presence grew ever since the brand appears and the reputation of the IdeaPad and ThinkPad lines is as high as it can be.


Acer is now among the really big laptop manufacturers and a huge part of the reason why it reached this status is the features list, affordable prices and the reliable services that were offered. The Aspire series is seen as being among the best but the Ultrabook line is particularly strong among the modern laptop generation.


The competitive prices and reliability basically increased sales in the past few years. Toshiba is currently seen as an innovator and the laptop range offered is really large, covering many different industry needs.


The biggest manufacturer of electronics is definitely one that you would expect to see on the list of most reliable laptop brands. Although it is definitely not the best, there are various models that can cater to the needs that different people have at the moment from gaming laptops to basic laptops. Reliability is high enough and the brand needs to be considered.