Did You Ever Hear About Sager Laptops?

By Dzhingarov

Not many people talk about Sager laptops but in the past few months we noticed that people started to be interesting. With this in mind, here are some interesting things that you may want to be aware of.

Sager Laptops

A Brief Company Overview

We are basically looking at a computer ODM manufacturer that is specialized in the manufacturing of laptop computers, Sager Midern Computer. In most cases people refer to the firm with the name Sager Netbook Computer since that is what the official website is named.

All Sager laptops are basically Clevo manufactured and you will find them under various brand names. However, Sager does stand out as the biggest of all Clevo retailers.

Most people know the Sager laptops because of the gaming laptops that are offered. Many different gamers from around the world praise the fact that the price tags are affordable, especially citing comparisons with market leader Alienware.

Even if the company does have quite a lot of success in the gaming laptop industry, there are also other services offered for video editing, business applications and mobile gaming. Sager sells physical hardware but also offers repair and support for all the laptops based on Clevo. If you have a Clevo laptop and you need service, there is a pretty good chance that the repair will be handled by Sager.

At the moment the California offices employ 50 workers and annual sales are currently estimated to be between eight and nine million dollars.

Sager History

Sager appeared in 1985 thanks to founder Eddie Yuan. The headquarters were and still are in California, City of Industry. The company is based in California but does ship all around the country and even offers shipping for other continents. Public recognition was gained when people needed high performance computing solutions.

Buying Sager Laptops

Sager only sells laptops on the internet and there is no physical store available. However, orders can be made through telephone or fax. In addition, various vendors do currently sell Sager laptops as retailers.

Distribution Process Schemes

The really well known laptop brands like HP and Toshiba will work with different contract manufacturers that basically assemble the laptop computers. Sager does not do this. It basically buys generic and finished chassis that is built and designed by ODMs. After the purchase, Sager will assemble laptops with different parts that are chosen by customers, will add logos and then sell right under Sager brand.

Should You Buy Sager Laptops?

Sager laptops use the Clevo chassis. You might already be aware that Clevo is found in many different highly popular brands like Hypersonic, Alienware and VoodooPC. Reviews highlight the fact that the quality of the laptops is really high and the majority of the buyers are really happy with the purchases that were made.

We should highlight the fact that Sager laptops can be really good for some buyers while others will want to buy something else. While there are many individuals that still want to buy from A Brands, those that are price conscious will surely be attracted by Sager options.