Affordable monitoring software for small businesses

By Dzhingarov

Not a single person will doubt the fact that small businesses are vital for the economy. The main advantage of small business is that they serve local needs and demands; such companies are very flexible, and they are quick to react to market changes even during the crisis times. Besides, every big successful company started as a small firm.

But at the same time tiny firms have to fight fiercely to pull through on the market. And in most cases the only way to survive is to cut their expenses in every possible way. But there are certain spheres of business, where it is impossible to cut costs at all.

If we speak about the business security, everybody will agree that this is the base of any enterprise. Company security means that a firm controls the levels of access to secret information, protects the business from any information leakages and thefts. It is like an army of the state. If a state is not spending money to feed its own army it will end feeding someone else’s army. Just remember that business is a kind of war made by the other and more peaceful tools.

It takes a lot of time for small business to find the best way to set the necessary security level. But, with the development of technologies and the Internet, it stopped being a problem. IT companies offer a lot of solutions for small business to supervise their sites, servers, web applications. The offered software presents a lot of features in one single package especially for small business.


Installing such monitoring software is a real success for a tiny company for some reasons:

–         First of all, it is cheap. A company purchases a single tool with complex opportunities – site monitoring, server monitoring, database and network monitoring. The management of the firm doesn’t need to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to solve a trouble linked to the IT infrastructure of the business any more. The solution will easily find the right decision;

–         Secondly, setting up such a tool is a chance to avoid hiring a special person to supervise the IT infrastructure, as the solution will deal with it brilliantly, not only examining and finding the troubles, but offering some solutions to them as well. Thus, a firm is able to save some finance which can be spent on business development;

–            Thirdly, after setting up a reliable monitoring software small business companies have more time to concentrate on business itself, proposing better quality services and products;

As we can see, small firms are not beyond the world of business anymore, as they have a chance to become equal partners in the sphere of business only because they have managed to organize their business process as good as any big blue-chip companies. It happened due to the development of monitoring software which allows companies to pay more attention to business itself, but not to solving everyday problems related to the IT infrastructure issues.