Info You Need to Know to Be a Wise User of Nintendo Gaming Device

By Dzhingarov

You like playing games, right? You must have heard about the Nintendo console gaming device, then? Well, in the world of games, this is certainly a name written in golden letters. However, the latest updates, improvements, and new technological approaches have made this issue much more complex than the earlier. Now, going to a shop and asking for a Nintendo console device is not just enough. You need to know which version to use, which version of the r4 cards gel the best, how to get rid of the pirated versions, how to adjust this with you PC and all these are not easy if you do not have the right amount of information. So, all what you need to know the device to be a wise buyer or user is here and you can have look upon it.


Is there any possibility that you get banned from online games?

Well, you must know that the answer is “no”. Nintendo only ban the users who try to cheat on Mariokart by using the cheat devices. However, the good news is there is no news of banning from Nintendo network because the R4 cards come as a saviour. The updates in firmware definitely try to lock out the backup devices and flash cards, but if you keep on upgrading the firmware of the cards, you won’t be facing any difficulties.

You must be assured of the facts that Nintendo cannot brick the devices you own remotely. When the rom card takes the update, it only shows a warning in the form of an Error and it can be also fixed by upgrading your R4 3DS by fixing it on some other DS.


Nintendo 3DS
By John Karakatsanis under CC BY-SA 2.0


Do you know the kind of SD card you need?

Well, all that you need is a MicroSD card. The bigger space it offers, the better it will be for you. So, you must go for buying a micro SD card having 32 GB of storage capacity. However, to avoid getting any lags or to make the cards perform the best, you must start loading the cards with a speed rating of class6. Other classes, like class 2 or 4 will be working and comparatively cheaper but spending a little more to get a class6 will keep you out of troubles. Class6 cards work 3 times faster in copying games from PC to the devices. Even, within a game also the level loading becomes easier with these cards.


Why R4 cards?

Nowadays, the R4 3DS cards are not just a part of playing DS games but also it plays DSi games. Now, with the use of the gold version of the cards, you can go for surfing the internet. You can use it browse pictures, watch movies, listening to music, while you can still stick to the most important part of having such a flash cartridge that is to play games.