So many computer users have been struggling with wires, trying to conceal them so a wireless mouse is definitely something that is attractive for so many. The problem is that it is quite hard to choose a good wireless mouse since there are so many options available. The two that we are going to talk about below are usually recommended by many users and have a really good reputation on the market.

We have to understand that choosing between the two is definitely complicated since both the Microsoft Wireless 3500 and the Logitech M510 Wireless mouse are very good. They actually stand out as the two that are the most recommended for the regular user. Those that are looking for gaming mice will need to look for something else.

Microsoft 3500

Microsoft 3500

Microsoft is a lot better at making computer mice than what many believe. While the operating system has been criticized constantly, the Microsoft 3500 is seen by many as the best wireless mouse in the price range. It is affordable when compared with others that have similar features.

We have to say that the Logitech M510 Mouse is better than this one since Microsoft 3500 will only work with the Windows operating system and the battery life is of 8 months as compared to Logitech, which offers a 2 years battery.

The advantage is brought in by BlueTrack technology as it will support more surfaces when compared to the regular laser technology included in wireless mice. We have access to 24 color variations and patterns. You can use an included on and off switch in order to save battery life as you do not use the mouse.

Logitech M510

Logitech M510

This mouse is definitely affordable and comes from a company that is actually renowned in the manufacture of computer peripherals. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers and includes side to side scrolling besides the standard up and down system. Zooming in on web pages and pictures without the use of keyboards is easy.

Battery life stands out as a huge advantage so you will not have to change the device often. We have a small receiver that you do not actually have to remove when you put the wireless mouse inside a laptop carrying bag so you will appreciate that. Although you cannot use the mouse on glass because of the laser sensor, it is still better than the Microsoft 3500 and has to be recommended as being the best among these two models presented.

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