Amazon Fire Phone Vs Apple IPhone 5s

By Adrian Cruce

The iPhone 5S has definitely been around for quite a while now and is among the best sellers from around the world. Amazon Fire Phone is basically brand new, present just in USA and only offered through AT&T as a carrier. Both smartphones have a premium price tag. iPhone includes a 64 bit processor, a good camera, Touch ID, apps from almost all major providers, including Amazon  and much more. The Amazon Fire Phone includes the FireFly shopping system, a pretty weird 3D system, the Mayday button and an older chipset.

amazon fire phone vs iphone 5s

Regions Covered

Kindle Fire can only be purchased in the US. In the event that you buy it and you want to then use it internationally, features like the Amazon Streaming Video will not be available. iPhone 5S works perfectly in practically any region.

Phone Carriers

You can only get Fire Phone through AT&T. Running on other networks (GSM) is possible but we have to realize that the iPhone 5S is currently available on most of the carriers of the world.



Amazon Fire Phone utilizes the Amazon Appstore. This is a problem since Google apps are not included and there are no apps from the Apple marketplace. We have many Amazon apps but there are not many third party apps. iPhone 5S is connected to the Apple App store. There are thus apps available from Google, Amazon and various third party app makers.

Other Things Of Interest

There are some things that are interesting with the Amazon Fire Phone. However, the interface does not look great. We have faux-3D and we can say that it is not that great. FireFly will be considered by so many as being just a way to connect faster to Amazon Prime so that money is spent.

The Fire Phone Mayday button will be great if you are not used to a smartphone but it will not be something you would want to buy a phone for. The operating system used is FireOS, an Android fork, does not include Google Play services. Inside chips are not cutting edge and we cannot expect to hold value or a long period of time.

IPhone 5S includes the Apple 64-bit A7 processor that is perfect for features like the fingerprint ID scanner. AppleCare is included, together with Apple Genius. The phone starts at 16 GB as opposed to Fire’s 32 GB but that is not really a big problem. iOS is an operating system that will soon get to version 8 and a new iPhone 6 will most likely available in the fall of 2014.


iphone 5s

There is practically no real reason why we should recommend the Amazon Fire Phone. Apple’s iPhone 5S is a lot better and the most important thing we have to take into account is that iPhone 6 will surely be on the market soon. When that happens, the Amazon Fire Phone will definitely be outdated, not at all something that would be considered in a few months. Amazon’s first smartphone is definitely not as great as it should have been.