Creative Inspire S2 Speakers Versus Logitech Speaker System Z323

By Adrian Cruce

These two desktop PC speakers are often compared, both with 2.1 channels and similar specs at first glance. However, choosing between the two is not as complicated as you may think. There is one clear winner between the two and we will help you to see it by comparing the most important factors that buyers take into account. The Logitech Speaker System Z323 can be bought for as low as $70 while for $10 more you can put your hands on Creative Inspire S2.

creative vs logitech

Speaker Specs

Logitech’s speakers are larger but the subwoofer is smaller. We do not have details about the weight for Logitech but it should not be too much more than Creative.


When it comes to inputs, Logitech has the 3.5 mm Stereo included and Creative offers 3.5 mm Stereo 2. Bluetooth and USB are only available with Inspired S2. However, Z323 offers RCA, if you may need it. It needs to be added that Creative Inspire S2 also offers wireless in a signal range of up to 33 feet.


The controllers are integrated in the speakers for both and while you have controls for both volume and bass with Creative, you can only control volume with Logitech. This is where the separation between the two becomes visible. To put it as simple as possible, the sound clarity that is offered by Logitech is great when you play at a low volume but when you crank up the volume, you will not be really happy with the results.

When referring to the wattage, Creative against step ahead. Although we only have 3 extra Watts, those that really want to have clarity and good quality will notice the difference, especially at high volumes. Low frequency with Inspire S2 comes at 40 HZ while Logitech has 20 HZ. The high frequency is 20 KHZ for both desktop PC speakers.


For just $10 extra dollars, you can buy a better 2.1 system. This is a certainty and Creative clearly wins the battle here. You are recommended to go for Inspire S2 over the Z323.