Improving Customer Service the Techie Way

By Dzhingarov

There is nothing more frustrating for a consumer than poor customer service when they are trying to buy a product or indeed after they have bought a product. It has even been proved that if a company or retail outlet has poor customer service it can actually affect sales.

Therefore, it is vital that a company offers good customer service to all of its consumers. If you feel that the service you are providing for your customers could do with a boost you can visit Message Direct or other similar companies, where you can outsource your sales services or even get advice and boost your own existing service.

These days most service companies use the very latest in technological advances to ensure that customers get the very best in service and care. Below we will look at a few of these advances to see what can now be offered to customers to enhance their entire consumer experience.


Price Verification Kiosks

Wireless price verification kiosks are becoming increasingly popular with many retail outlets. These units can be strategically placed around a store to allow customers to check items if they feel they are mislabeled or mispriced, without the need to find a store assistant. These very cost effective units will undoubtedly be commonplace within a few years, as more and more customers become tech savvy.


Self Help Kiosks

Again these units are wireless and can be placed around a store at various convenient locations. Most are fixed tablets with easy to use touch screen displays that can help customers with their most common queries. This eliminates the need for the customer to seek a member of staff for simple directions and product locations. Retail reports suggest that if a customer cannot easily find an item he or she is looking for they may indeed skip the purchase. It is, therefore, vital that your customers can easily find the products they are looking for with minimum amount of delays.


Customer Service
Woman With Headset Talking by Vera Kratochvil

Paying with Your Smartphone

One of the latest developments with payments for customers is the near field communication device or phone reader that is located at store checkout booths. These incredibly convenient units allow customers to use their smartphone to quickly and safely pay for all of their shopping or other purchases. All they need to do hold their phone near to the reader and the payment will be taken directly from their bank account or credit card, depending on their preference. This new technological breakthrough will certainly help to reduce those sometimes maddening queues at store checkouts, which has to be a good thing.


Checkout Heat Sensors

A few of the larger chain store are now introducing heat sensors to help avoid lengthy queues at checkout booths. These devices monitor the heat from the existing queue and determine how many people are waiting. This information is then displayed on a large screen at the front of the checkouts allowing the customer to select the least busy booth. This is sure to save a lot of time and will sure to be a very popular with the supermarket consumer.


Online Shopping

Online shopping is of course one of the most convenient ways to shop with many stores offering same day delivery. This has probably been the most significant in service breakthroughs as now all customers need to do is fill their shopping baskets from the comfort of their own homes. The elderly as well as people with particularly busy work schedules have especially welcomed this service. Customers can even get product offer alerts and delivery updates via their smart phones, which is very convenient.