7 of the Best Mobile Apps for 2013

By Dzhingarov

The Smartphone market has grown like anything in last six years and Smartphone apps played a key role in this growth. Without thousands of amazing apps it was not possible to utilize a Smartphone in so many ways and making a list of best Smartphone apps without any conflict is almost impossible but on the basis of features and popularity and expected future response here is a list with 7 of the best mobile apps for 2013.

1.Sherpa: This is a personal voice assistant app for android and it is still in beta stage but then also it created a big buzz and with its feature we can say it is a must have Smartphone app for every user. It is a true competitor of Siri, it can understand everything that you say in your local accent and it follows your command perfectly. You can send email, text messages, update social media, find things on web, and much more. It also reminds you for your meeting and it suggest things as with its automatic intelligence.

2. Drop Box: Well this is not a new app but however this app is still getting its popularity and 2013 it’s going to have more Smartphone users who would want to have their data on cloud and synched to all devices. With this app you can get up to 18 GB free space on cloud (if you refer friend else 2 GB) and you can synch your important data on multiple devices.

By Sean MacEntee under CC BY 2.0
By Sean MacEntee under CC BY 2.0

3. Viber: Viber is another app that is available from long time but 2013 it launched a desktop version also and this desktop version made it a real alternative of Skype and you can make audio calls to ay device from any device. Now Viber is completely platform independent and that’s why this app is going to rock 2013.

4.UberConfrence: With this amazing app you can make a voice conference call using your phonebook contact easily, all you have to do is that you need select attendees and app will call or email the attendees and they can join the conference without any problem.

5. Draw something 2: This is a social sharing game as well as an artistic solution also by which you can transform any simple piece of art into a masterpiece and you can share you creation with other your friends or the world. Other than this you can follow celebrity and explore new artist also with this app and its gaming experience is so good that you never need to contact PlayStation support again because you will spend all of your time on this amazing game only.

6. Kindle For android: What could be better than having all the feature of kindle on Android device and with this new app you will be able to get that all. You will be able to read and download all the books that are available only for kindle with same experience.

7. Feedly: Google reader is dead now and Feedly is best alternative of Google reader. It is a new RSS reader that gives so many different layouts and it smartly suggests what you may like base on your previous reading habits.

By Boris Dzhingarov