How To Make Your Own Spy Watch

By Adrian Cruce

A spy watch is a really interesting gadget that can be used to conceal flash cards, money and even secret notes. The truth is that almost any old watch that you have at home can be transformed into such a gadget. You will just need the following:

  • a color photocopier
  • tweezers
  • the old wristwatch
  • a screwdriver – the jeweler’s kind
  • glue gun
  • file

How To Make The Spy Watch At Home

spy watch

For starters, you have to open the watch. You normally do this from the back with the jeweler’s screwdriver. There is usually a lip that has to be taken off. Make sure that the insides are carefully taken out so that no piece is lost. Store them carefully inside a medicine bottle.

There is one part inside the back panel that will fit right on the watch’s inside and will grip it. File this down so that it will fit more loosely at the back’s watch. File that lip in the area where it will contact the watch’s back in order to have it angle upward. That will make it a lot easier to take it off with the use of a fingernail.

All buttons or knobs should be pulled off from the watch’s guts. Find original watch location and make sure that you hold all in an original location with the use of tweezers. Hot glue all into the correct place and glue pieces from the hole’s inside in a way that the glue does not show.

The other parts of the guts should be taken to a good print shop. The guts have to be put on a photocopy machine. Never enlarge or deduce the photograph. In the event that the watch is white and black, it is much easier to get the work done but photocopies will also work really well.

Cut the print that you just did and place it properly into your watch. That will make it look just like the watch you had. Then, put hot glue behind it so that it is held properly and the paper can be waterproofed. The next step is being sure that the glue layer is thin enough that it is not going to obstruct what you try to hide. All the holes should be covered so that you avoid leakage.