6 Weirdest Keyboards You Can Buy NOW

By Adrian Cruce

Keyboards have a characteristic design we all know and are used to. We can say it is a standard that is respected by most manufacturers, although some variations do exist. While QUERTY is the standard setup, this does not mean it is the only one.

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Some people will say that the following keyboards are unique. They do have a point but for most, the keyboards below are the weirdest ones ever made. Most of them can actually still be bought so if you want a weird keyboard to show to your friends or even use, give this list a try.

Maltron Single-Handed Keyboard

This is a keyboard that was created for those that have only one hand. While there is only a left-handed version available, it might still be useful. Unfortunately, it does look like a keyboard you would get from the nineties and the design is definitely bad. However, it might be useful. According to Maltron, there are people that managed to write at a rate of 85 words per minute with this single-handed keyboard. This is very good.


Frogpad is another one-handed keyboard. It is portable, simple, intuitive, practical and features 20 keys. They are perfected for data entry and the keyboard uses a patented algorithm. The optimization is ergonomic and can offer the functionality that the standard keyboard offers. Keys are full-size so you are guaranteed ease of use, speed and accuracy.

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Now, the manufacturer does make many claims and there are people that are happy with the Frogpad. However, it is clear that most people will just see it as a weird keyboard.

Thanko USB Cooler Keyboard

The idea for this USB cooler keyboard is very simple: you avoid the problems caused by having sweaty wrists, arms and hands slipping off keyboards. The solution is using a keyboard that has a fan, apparently. Now, the big problem is that we are looking at some huge fans in a keyboard that will not help much.

iGrip Ergonomic Keyboard And Trackball

This weird keyboard actually has 2 designs. One is intended to help people game and the other one is meant to be used to type. It is said that you can use it to type over 50 words per minute. This is very difficult to believe, especially since it will take a very long time to get used to it. You might use it to play an RPG game but not much else. Just look at the design. This is definitely impossible to use fast.

SafeType Vertical Keyboard

The manufacturer claims that this is the best-selling vertical keyboard in the entire world. This might actually be true since we never saw a vertical one till now. You can buy it in white or black and the big claim is that this is an ergonomic keyboard.

Now, a huge problem is that instead of feeling pain in your wrists, you will most likely feel it in the shoulder. Extension is not eliminated and the weirdest thing is that there are mirrors installed on the sides. This is done in theory to help you type faster. It is also very expensive.

orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard And Mouse

While the other keyboards are weird, this one has to be the weirdest since it does not have buttons or keys or anything. In order to type, you slide orbs into the appropriate position. How in the world are you going to use it? This is an especially important question for someone that wants to do some coding or when you want to play some popular esports games.

Obviously, the manufacturer claims this is a revolutionary ergonomic keyless keyboard. It is even claimed that carpal tunnel syndrome would be avoided if you use it.

At the end of the day, paying $400 for this just looks like a plain rip-off.

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