How To Improve The Performance Of Windows 8

By Dzhingarov

Technology advances and develops at such a rate that it’s hard sometimes to keep up and adjust to all the changes that companies make. For example, can you spot the difference between Windows XP and Windows 8? There have been considerable improvements made to the new type of operating system, improvements that will surely enhance the user experience, making it a lot easier to handle. Here are a couple of ideas on how to adjust the performance of the Windows 8 in order for it to function properly.

#1 The Functioning Of The System

This is the basic and the most useful tip that any Windows 8 user should be aware of when it comes to their new system. It includes a couple of tools that can help you monitor the function of the entire system and more importantly, diagnose the problems before they can do real damage.

The command panel can be found in the Task Manager’s Performance tab. This will give you a current status of everything that is going on inside the system. If there are certain features that slow the computer down, the tools can easily direct you towards the problem and more importantly it can offer solutions. In addition, you can use the “Open Resource Monitor” section that can be found at the bottom of the Performance tab. In this particular area, you will get an idea of what is currently taking up the resources of the computer and which applications can be shut down.

#2 Turn Off The Index Tool

Not many users know the fact that the Windows search works together with an index tool that can take a lot of the CPU hog if it is turned on. The idea here is to deactivate the tool and use an alternative search tool in order to find bits and pieces in your computer. Here is how you can disable the indexing tool:

  • Open Run and type in “services.msc”;
  • Scroll down and find “Windows Search” in the search list;
  • Right click the “Windows search” and select Properties
  • Select the Disable section from the “Startup Type” drop down menu

#3 An Error Free System

It’s very hard to keep up with everything that goes down in your system and that is the reason why developers have created a couple of tools that can help in this direction:

  • Disk defragmentation – your system is bound to be fragmentized easily due to the vast traffic of information that comes through. That’s the reason why you should adjust the disk fragmentation tool to run a weekly check and fix. You can do this by selecting the Winkey + Q and search for “defrag”. Next you need to select it and then you need to click on the “Run on a schedule”.
  • Disk Cleanup – most people find this particular tool annoying, but it gets the job done. You can keep your hard drive clean and also help it perform better.
  • Drive Error Check – this particular tools helps you scan a specific drive and all of its files and see how their status. In order to do this you need to go to Computer and select Proprieties and the click the “Check” button under the tools tab.

These are just a couple of tricks that can help any user keep their computer at a normal functioning rate.