Dream Run with Animation Studios

By Dzhingarov

Animation has fired a new era of audio visual emotions. There was a time 100 years back, when eye illusion started reaching its pick with 2D animations. Clock moved on, interests have changed, further step has been measured, and time comes for 3D animation.  3D animation gives a much realistic view and opportunity to merge it in human film.

Animation is a rapid display of images with proper sequence that gives a moving illusion to human eyes.  One image comes up with one frame. Moving illusion can be created depending on the display format to standardize the rate of frames per second. Usually it is 24, 25 or 30 frames per second.

3D animation is digitally modeled and manipulated by creating an external mesh. Mesh is a geometric configuration that gives the visual appearance of a 3D object or environment.


Animation studio is an organization that produces animated visuals to narrate a story. It is not an easy task to do or not that fun we enjoy while watching it. The general procedure they follow to work can be listed like-

  • Take the brief and understand the entire story from the client or the director
  • Suggest chances of betterment
  • Brief the client their archive or stock videos
  • Sketch the characters and environment
  • Keep notes of detailed measurement
  • Animate the characters in 3D software
  • Add detail to that
  • Choose the correct color combination
  • Discuss the script with the director
  • Look out for interesting shot division to create a camera movement illusion
  • Animate the movement
  • Understand the vocal script/ dialogues to create lip movement and expression of emotions
  • Arrange the frames in sequence to create a proper moving illusion
  • Monitor the entire matter during dubbing
  • Synchronize the background score
  • Rendering the visual for the smoothness on viewer’s eyes

Primarily and commonly these are the things 3D animation studio needs to do create a good work. An increasing huge demand of 3D animation work globally motivating to increase the number of 3D animation studios. More than 200 animation studios are active currently in all over the globe. Beside America and Europe, other countries are also booming up and climbing the stairs fast with these expertise medium. 3D animations studios are growing fast as well as they are looking for betterment with new technologies and virgin ideas.


In the recent past we have seen many good projects with a huge success globally. Few finest example can be movies like Rango, Transformers, Skyland, Kung fu panda, Ice age, Polar express, Up, Monster house, 2012 etc.

India is also moving up. Bollywood tried their luck with these and came up with few good projects like RA.1, Robot, Roadside Romeo, Krish etc.

Film and television world is being addicted towards animation too much as days are moving on because

  • It reduces Cost
  • We can make few things that is practically impossible to shoot
  • It reduces effort
  • It reduces time