Best Mobile Apps for Landlords

By Dzhingarov

Apps are a short form for mobile applications which are target specific software. Mobile apps are being developed keeping in mind individual needs. Mobile has become an integral part of human life. This is the reason why more and more apps are being developed for various utilities. They are developed to make things easy and it becomes easy to launch an app than browsing on the net and going to a specific site. Apps have internal links to a particular site which makes it easy for a user.

There are apps for almost everything and every person. Be it students or be it professionals, be it engineers or be it doctors. Landlords are no exception. There are several apps which have been created keeping in mind the daily needs of the landlords. The following are the best mobile apps for landlords:

Legal4lLandlords (Free on the iPhone): This is one of the best free apps for landlords who use an iPhone. Once launched it gives information about approximately 4000 prospective tenants to the landlords. It also provides vital information about the tenant’s background i.e. whether they have been evicted or blacklisted by previous landlords or agents. This helps in selecting reliable tenants which is what every landlord looks for.

The Landlord App (Paid on the iPhone and Android): As the name depicts it is a one stop app for all landlords. It has all the information a landlord ever needs associated with managing their property. It enables a person to keep track of their tenants, helps in finding a tenant, schedule utility bills and keeps track of the rents and other payments. It keeps the user updated with the swing in the property prices and can evaluate the present value of the property.

Inventory Pro (Free on the iPhone): Creating a comprehensive inventory along with its condition report is a tool which is a must for every landlord. This app allows a landlord to create an inventory and save the condition reports in a PDF format. Though this is one of the free apps, charges for saving a PDF file are applicable.

Rightmove (Free on an Android and Desktop): Being a landlord it becomes imperative to be in constant touch with the movement of the markets and the area around them. This app too like others helps in tracking the prospective tenants and enables the user to get the details of the local properties by making use of a GPS and search a database of more than one million properties along with their pricing information.

AroundMe (Free on the iPhone and Android): This is one of the most popular landlord apps which was previously available for iPhone users. It is now available on the Android too. It however has limited features but whatever it has is sufficient for any landlord. It gives a comprehensive detail of the property nearby and allows the user to create their own portfolio and also helps in ascertaining which property fits their choice.

There are some other apps which are quite handy for landlords like property Inspector, smart landlord and landlord helper. All of these apps come with more or less the same features the above apps have. The only difference is none of these are free.