Alcatel Dawn – Is This Phone Worth It? Review

By Adrian Cruce

The Alcatel Dawn is not that well-known and it is really easy to understand why. This is because it was just available on Virgin Mobile USA and Boost Mobile. The aim from Alcatel and the networks was to launch a highly affordable smartphone that would be great as a secondary phone. While some may even consider it as the main phone, the truth is that there is not that much that can be said about the great features available.

Alcatel Dawn does not have incredible specs. It is a long way from the other models. Even the Chinese brands that operate in this sector offer something better. The main conclusion that anyone can have about Alcatel Dawn is that it is an entry-level phone. You do get exactly what you pay for (the mobile phone costs only around $70).

Alcatel Dawn offers a 4.5 inches TFT touchscreen. The processor behind it is quad-core, 1.1 GHz. The memory offered is 1 GB RAM and you will only get 8 GB internal storage. Expansions are possible but the micro SD card you buy needs to be 32 GB or lower. The main camera that is present is 5 MP and a secondary one with VGA capabilities is available. The operating system is Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

We should also say that the resolution of the touchscreen is 854 x 480 p. The VGA selfie camera is only 0.3 MP. You do not have access to the usual on-screen buttons. There are bigger capacitive buttons present under display. Keys will not be backlit.

The processor is not actually named. We only know the GHz attached. In most cases the buyer will not even care at this price tag. You will care much more about the battery. You have access to the standard 1,780 mAh. This is beneficial since we are talking about a phone that has low specs. This means you will end up with a battery life that is larger than what you initially think.

Alcatel Dawn is all about the budget-conscious buyer. We do not know if Android updates will be available but with what is offered, it is more than enough at the secondary phone level. Boost Mobile features growing data plans and Virgin Mobile is already well-known in the US.