5 Great Cheap Solar Powered Gadgets You Will Want To Buy

By Adrian Cruce

The average American household spends around $1,500 every year on electricity. Because of this, it is important that you think about different ways to keep your bills low and save on electricity. This is possible by using solar powered gadgets but some are simply way too expensive. This article is not about them. We are going to cover some really cheap solar powered gadgets that everyone can afford. They are cheap and you have no excuse not to consider them.

Creative Edge Solar Cell Phone Charger – $30

Creative Edge Solar Cell Phone Charger

This is the very best of all the solar cell phone chargers available on the market and at only $30, there is no reason why you would not consider it. This solar charger has 5 panels and can easily store 5,000 mAh of energy. The iPhone 6 battery has a battery of 1,810 mAh. Charge the solar cell phone charger from the sun and you will have enough energy to charge your iPhone over 2 times.

Swiftly Done Peel-n-Stick Outdoor Solar Lights – $17

Swiftly Done Peel-n-Stick Outdoor Solar Lights

Do you have lights in the backyard part of your home? If so, this is definitely an option you will want to take into account. Many solar-powered outdoor lights are now available on the market. Most are simple and just do not offer a lot. This one is different as it has some specific features you will want to have, all for that lovely price tag we mentioned.

Sunnytech Solar Powered USB Charger And Reading Lamp – $20

Sunnytech Solar Powered USB Charger And Reading Lamp

2 in 1 gadgets are great and this one will allow you to harness the entire power of the sun’s light to then charge devices through USB jacks. To make it even better, the device also doubles as a reading lamp that offers just the right light level to read when in the wilderness. At its basis, this is basically a reading lamp, with the USB charger being a secondary feature you can take advantage of.

Logitech Solar Wireless Keyboard – $50

Logitech Solar Wireless Keyboard

When compared with the other solar powered gadgets that you could buy, this one can actually be considered as being expensive but we are talking about a great wireless keyboard. Most of these are more expensive even without the solar powered feature. Logitech’s keyboard will charge right from the sun or from an artificial light. The charge actually manages to work for 3 months when total darkness exists. The keyboard is thin, sleek and does look great, just to make the choice even easier for you.

Secur Solar Powered Flashlight – $20

Secur Solar Powered Flashlight

A flashlight will normally not have an effect on your energy bill but you will normally spend a lot on batteries. There are many great solar powered flashlights that you can buy, with this $20 model being among the best. You will be able to get 2 hours of full light for just one hour spent in the sun by the flashlight. If you need more or you do not have access to sunlight, a hand crank is added.