iOS 9 Features You Most Likely Do Not Know About

By Dzhingarov

The iOS 9 is in the news and numerous articles talk about the brand new mobile operating system. Several of the features are presented but the general focus is put on those that are the most impressive. Besides those, there are many other iOS 9 features that are not presented and that can be really useful for the user. That is what we will stay focused on.

ios 9 features

Phone Number Lookup

The new operating system has the iPhone pulling data from the Mail app in order to suggest the identity of the caller as you receive an unknown phone call. With the new phones available on the iOS operating system this is possible but you do want to know that the feature also works when you make a call. As the system identifies that there is a potential identity associated with the number you call, the name will appear with a Maybe icon next to it.

In-App Search

There are many interesting upgrades that came with iOS 9 with the built-in search app. The one that is definitely the most important one is the possibility to search in third party applications. That makes it really easy to look for what you need. As soon as an app is updated and support for iOS 9 is offered, you can use search from practically everywhere and receive in-app results. Various apps like Dropbox and Outlook are already updated and many more will follow.

Wi-Fi Assist

There are so many things that people do not know about Wi-Fi connections on mobile phones, including this nifty new iOS 9 feature. It will automatically connect to the best internet connection. With other phones, a Wi-Fi connection is preferred, even if it will slow down the phone. With iOS 9, this is no longer a problem. The feature is on automatically.

Learn What Would Kill The Battery

It is really important to know what is draining your battery before you get to a critical point. Now you can see everything in your battery settings. Just click on the clock icon to see more information like background app time, screen time and so on. Use the information that is listed there and you will surely find out brand new things about what apps you want to close so that battery life is extended.

Screenshots And Selfies

Go to the Photos section in iOS 9 and you will notice that there are 2 brand new sections available: screenshots and selfies. The techies will surely appreciate the screenshot folder while the selfies folder is the one that is going to be really entertaining. Since browsing is now easier thanks to the swipe feature, you will find these two additions to be really easy to use.

The Notes App

The Apple notes feature was always pretty bad but iOS 9 did make some great steps by adding basic sketch tools. This is useful for really quick sketches, some drawing and will make writing a little easier. There are many other options available but this is still quite great as opposed to what was present in iOS 8.