The Best New iOS 9 Features

By Adrian Cruce

The launch of iOS 9 was highly anticipated and the new mobile operating system actually managed to bring in dozens of new features. There are many improvements that can be mentioned. We will just stay focused on those that are the most interesting according to most users. If you want to buy a new phone with the iOS 9 system, you will appreciate the following new features.


Increased Battery Life

Apple did manage to bring in great new additions to the power consumption that is associated with the iOS 9 gadgets. While the iPhone 6 Plus already has a great battery life, adding the operating system makes everything even better as we have the addition of Low Power mode. All the key technologies and apps become highly efficient as they basically manage to trim battery use. As a simple example, if you put your device with the face down on a table, the screen will not turn on even when notifications are received.

Transit Maps

Everyone knows how bad Apple Maps was and absolutely nobody praised the system as there was a really bad POI database and there were no transit directions available. iOS 9 features a new Apple Maps that includes transit, a feature that will show you train, metro and even bus directions. In the beginning, this is a feature that will only be available in the main cities of USA and China. You also gain access to nearby information in China and US. Additions will be done in the future.


Proactive is quite a major new addition to iOS 9. This will allow the device to basically learn user habits and then offer recommendations while thinking about what activity you are involved in, what time it is and where you are. Proactive is pretty similar to Google Now. As a really simple example, in the event that you have a meeting at 3 PM, you will be told exactly when you need to leave and how you can get to the meeting by taking into account the current traffic conditions. In the event that the device learns that you listen to music when you are working out at 8 AM, the music will be cued for you. You just have to put the headphones in. The list can easily go on.

Speaking about Proactive, you should also know that Siri has a new design and offers improvements that users are going to appreciate, with great improvements being made to search queries.

A Better Keyboard

Although just available on iPads, the brand new QuickType keyboard is definitely interesting, allowing you to use the app as a trackpad when you place 2 fingers and then move them. That basically allows you to quickly move the cursor and you will no longer have to tap exactly at the right place. Various other iPad only features are included like Picture In Picture and the new split screen for multitasking purposes but this keyboard is what is really attractive for most users, a truly impressive feature.