Using The Internet To Restore Your MacBook’s Operating System

By Dzhingarov

It used to be that restoring one’s operating system after a computer crash meant needing to have a CD on hand or even a boot disk. Then OS X Lion introduced the possibility of restoring your computer’s operating system without having either of these things. To get it on your computer, all you need is an Internet connection and to follow a few simple steps.

Putting an operating system on your computer has never been so easy. It’s a marvelous adjustment. Previously, security and compliance measures involved meant having to manually establish ownership of a computer system before being shipped materials if you did not have them. Now, it’s just a matter of following a few easy steps and letting your own computer do the work for you:


Selecting The Correct Boot Mode

In order to prepare the installation, start your computer and hold the Command/Apple and R keys until the grey Apple screen appears. A Mac OS X menu bar should appear. Select the “Reinstall OS X” option. Apple will check your computer’s credentials automatically via your serial number. No having to hold or scramble for information that you don’t have off the top of your head; it’s all done for you automatically.


And Then You’re Done!

Once Apple establishes that your computer is able to do an Internet recovery, your laptop will connect to the Apple servers and all the necessary information will be transferred directly to your computer. On average, this takes a little over a half hour.


MacBook air
By Phil Campbell under CC BY 2.0

Alternatives To Consider If Necessary

If you find that you cannot directly install in this manner, there are still other options. First, if you have a USB drive, it may be possible to download the information onto the drive. Also, if you find that you’re able to provide the necessary information, it’s possible that an OS X disk may be shipped to you. It’s also possible that if you take your computer to an Apple store, the employees may be able to restore your operating system for you.

But if you do have the OS X Lion or later, there’s a good chance that this option is easily available for you.


Why This Needs To Be The Standard Method Of Software Recovery

There are few experiences as annoying as experiencing a loss of data and the termination of your operating system. It can actually be very scary. However, if recovering your OS is as simple as an automatic Internet download, it can go a long ways towards reducing a great deal of stress. This is something that should be implemented for all forms of relevant computer data. Imagine not only being able to recover your operating system in a matter of minutes, but also all information that is lost after a computer hard drive crashes or is damaged.

It was actually the ability to immediately recover one’s operating system via the Internet that influenced many people to purchase a MacBook in the first place. As this type of recovery technology continues to evolve and eventually becomes the standard, more and more consumers will move towards products and operating systems that make system failures and hardware breakage events to be less and less concerned about.


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