Google Nexus 7 – Not Just a Poor Man’s iPad

By Dzhingarov

Apple have dominated the tablet market since it launched the first generation iPad. Marketed towards the more affluent customer, Apple used high-quality materials, such as brushed aluminium, to produce a luxury gadget. Google, with the help of ASUS, have attempted to knock Apple off their lofty perch with the Nexus 7. We take a look at how the 7-inch tablet fares against the tablet giant.

Fast Processing Speed

With its NVIDIA Tegra Quad Core processor working tirelessly under the bonnet, the Nexus 7 is a nippy device. Using apps, browsing the internet and watching videos are all superfast. Even multitasking doesn’t put too much strain on loading times and the easy to navigate tabs make it fast and simple to switch between programmes.


Nexus 7
By Ray Bouknight under CC BY 2.0


Surprising Nexus 7 Battery Life

The Nexus 7’s battery is pretty incredible for such a slim device. Even using juice hungry apps such as high-spec games, or watching HD videos, doesn’t drain the battery as quickly as you would think. Google claim that you can watch 8 hours of continuous HD video, read for 10 hours or leave it on standby for upto 300 hours without charging the device. That’s a whole lot of juice for a little fella.

Beautifully Nexus 7 Tough Screen

The 7-inch display, made from scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass, is both stunning and rugged. Even without a cover, the Nexus 7 can withstand knocks without getting a single scratch on the screen. You don’t have to treat the tablet like a Faberge egg as it can withstand everyday punishment – such as being chucked around in the bottom of a rucksack. When you want to watch a movie or play a game, that’s when the beauty of the 7-inch HD screen shines. Images are sharp, colours are bright and motion not blurred at all. One let down is the contrast, which can make some movies look a tad washed out.


Nexus 7
By Josué Goge under CC BY 2.0


Loads of Apps and Games

With the Google branding, there’s no surprise that the Nexus 7 is connected with an abundance of apps. The Google Play Store has over 700,000 apps and games to pick from. There are some apps that every tablet should have, such as the brilliant new Google Search with Google Now. But, as expected, some apps are completely terrible.

Sweet Android Jelly Bean Power

The Nexus 7 is powered by the latest Android engine, Jelly Bean 4.2. Android uses its engine in all of its products, including smartphones and Android TV dongles. With the intuition of the Jelly Bean engine, the Nexus 7 is incredibly slick. Navigating pages and apps is remarkably easy and smooth – no digging deep into settings to turn off the Wifi here.