Toshiba Kirabook 2014 vs Asus Zenbook UX301

By Adrian Cruce

Toshiba Kirabook 2014 vs Asus Zenbook UX301

Overall Descriptions

Toshiba Kirabook 2014 stands out as an update of the 2013 model. We are basically talking about a premium Windows 8 notebook that features a hire resolution touchscreen 13.3 inch display. We have access to 8 GB Ram and 256 GB SSD, all with a Haswell Intel Core i7 CPU.

Asus Zenbook UX310 is also a Windows 8 notebook, ultra-portable with a touchscreen IPS LCD 13.3 inch display, 2560 X 1440 resolution, Gorilla Glass 3 and Haswell Core i7 CPU.

Kirabook 2014 and Zenbook UX310 are available and the price is a little high, over $1,500 for both models. Size-wise, the difference between the two is barely noticeable. Asus’ notebook is a little smaller but you will not care much about that difference since the weight of the two is at around 2.66, respectively 2.6 pounds. There is no number pad included in these units.


Kirabook 2014 includes LCD technology while Zenbook UX 301 features IPS LCD technology. Both of the notebooks have a screen size of 13.3 inches and offer a resolution of 2560X1440 pixels, with 221 ppi.

We cannot really compare the two displays as they are really similar and the different technology used will not be noticed by most people out there.

Hardware & Accessories

The CPU brand is Intel and the CPU family is Haswell for both. We do have a strong CPU that will get the job done right. It is enough for most interested users out there.

The graphics type is integrated, also Intel brand. Kirabook 2014 has HD Graphis and Zenbook UX310 has Iris Graphics 5100 added. We have access to base RAM size of 8 GB for both. Kirabook features DDR3 and Zenbook features DDR3L. The base ram speed is faster Kirabook.

Both notebooks utilize Base Drive Type Flash SSD (256 GB). The maximum configuration SSD is 512 GB for Zenbook.

Kirabook 2014 is better when it comes to audio as the sound quality will be better but not by much.

When it comes to connectivity, Kirabook 2014 has 3 USB ports while Asus Zenbook UX301 includes 2 ports. There is HDMI, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in both. Kirabook 2014 features an extra WiDi port.

Most people are interested in battery when referring to an ultrabook. You will be happy to learn that both models have pretty good ratings and include Li-Po batteries. Asus brings in 8 hours of battery work time and Toshiba brings in 9 hours.


As you can easily notice, the differences between the two models are not that important. We can say that both units are really good and if you are looking for a powerful ultrabook, it is something that can be considered. On the whole, we can easily recommend both of them. However, we do tend to slightly shift the balance towards Asus Zenbook UX301. While the price tag was higher on launch, it should be a lot more accessible now, in various stores all around the world.