Top Four Games for Online Gaming Beginners

By Dzhingarov

Online gaming has become increasingly popular with more people turning to the internet to relieve their stress. Multiple lockdowns across different parts of the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic have also contributed to the growth of the online gaming industry as more people have taken to online gaming to help them connect and stay in touch with their loved ones. What’s more, online gaming can also provide lots of fun. However, getting started in online gaming can be difficult. The existence of a large number of games can leave a beginner overwhelmed and at a loss on which games to try out. If this is your dilemma, this is the right article for you. From MOBA to chess, this article offers you a guide to the top four games you can play as a beginner online gamer.

Heroes of the Storm

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games are largely popular. Almost everyone has either heard of a game in this genre and knows someone who plays one or more of such games, or knows multiple games in the genre and plays them. However, because many of these games require knowledge of the skills and abilities of the characters in the game as well as their weapons, and the right moves to make to activate these, many beginners often shy away from games in the genre. Heroes of the Storm is different. The abilities of its characters are easy to understand and do not require paying special attention to. This makes Heroes of the Storm a pleasant Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game for beginners.


Minecraft is another great online game for beginners. If you are drawn to building things and creating worlds, this game offers you limitless potential and unending fun. Minecraft is one of the top building games that engage your imagination and allows you to create worlds based on your imagination.

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed with the activities in the world you live in and you would love to reimagine and create a better place or you just love to build and you are looking for a fun way to do so, Minecraft offers you the fun and mental engagement you need.


Chess is one of the most popular games to play online. This is not because there are so many people who are great at chess, looking to play with others as good as them. It is largely because you can easily learn how to play chess online. You can get a good understanding of the game from the internet.

Also, thanks to online chess portals that match you to players within your skill range and provide you with the help you need to play to the best of your ability, you can have a fun game of chess as a beginner.

Online gaming is for everyone interested in it. Do not let your beginner status discourage you. Gradually get into the games that you like and play them. Remember to have as much fun as you can while at it.