These Are The Best Photography Apps For IPhone Users

By Adrian Cruce

When it comes to photography, the iPhone is renowned for a very good reason. The quality of the photographs you take is quite surprising. However, this does not mean that you can take perfect photographs.

Obviously, you cannot use the iPhone for very complex photos, like wedding photography or travel photography. You shouldn’t even try to shoot professional videos, although you could do well enough for a YouTube video. However, you can use some very interesting photography apps for iPhones that will give you wonderful improvements.

Here are the very best photography apps for iPhone users right now.


This iPhone photography app is perfect for all-purpose editing and offers really precise control over exposure and color.

You may want to consider the use of the app because of the features offered:

  • Many editing tools
  • Very easy to utilize
  • Adjustments for sharpening, color, and exposure
  • Healing tool, brushes, and selective adjustments
  • Perspective correction, straighten, rotate, and crop
  • Vignette, lens blur, and portrait enhancement
  • Texture, vintage, and black & white filters
  • Text, frames, and double exposure

Snapseed is free and very easy to use, although it offers many editing tools. Also, the photo editing app works great for both the highly experienced photographers and complete beginners. Use Snapseed to easily improve color, sharpness, and exposure. You want to consider the portrait tool when you want to create some flawless photo portraits with sparkling eyes and smooth skin. Also, the features are quite better than what you might imagine.

When you regularly use your iPhone to take photos, Snapseed is definitely the first app that you want to download. The edits will be much better than you initially imagine.


VSCO is particularly good when you want to create film-like, elegant filters and some beautiful edits. Some of the main features:

  • Adjustable filter strength
  • One-tap filter presets
  • 130 plus filters available when you pay an annual subscription
  • Built-in camera application with very advanced manual controls
  • Good editing tools for exposure, sharpness, color, and cropping

VSCO is a free iPhone app that does include a subscription fee for those that want extra tools and filters. Basically, when you want filters for photographs, this is something to take into account.

What is interesting is that the VSCO filters are much more subtle than the other apps because they are overpowering. Many filters have a faded, soft look that creates quite beautiful edits. Also, the possibility of adjusting filter strength is something that you have to take into account. You can even fine-tune color and exposure.

Afterlight 2

This iPhone photo editing app is good for those that want more creative options. The main features to remember:

  • Sharpening, color, and exposure adjustments
  • Light and dust leak overlays
  • Advanced editing tools like selective color, blend modes, gradients, and curves
  • Very good filter packs that are created by popular mobile photographers
  • Double-exposure tools that are useful for blending images
  • Layer tool to add artwork and text

Afterlight 2 costs only $2.99 and is very easy to use, no matter how comprehensive the editing tools are. You get all the regular editing tools, like exposure, crop tools, sharpness, and color modifications. At the same time, there are advanced tools you can use, like selective color and curves. Fine-tune tones and colors inside photographs in order to get very good images.


Just as the name implies, TouchRetouch is an iPhone photo editing app that is perfect for removing unwanted objects and blemishes from your images. The main features to be aware of are:

  • Remove the unwanted objects fast to obtain a clean composition
  • Remove wires, people, dust spots, and many other objects
  • Lasso and brush tools for an accurate object selection
  • Duplicate objects with the use of a clone tool
  • Smooth out wrinkles and remove blemishes you see in portrait photographs

TouchRetouch costs only $1.99 and instantly stands out because of the ability to remove the unwanted photo images. The app is very effective and easy to use. Just utilize your finger and highlight what you want to remove from the image. This app is automatically replacing objects with the pixels coming from around the object area.

If removing objects is not enough, take advantage of the blemish remover tool and the line removal tool.


This might come as a surprise for you but Instagram went a long way in terms of editing features. You can easily use it to enhance images before sharing but you can also save them on your computer. The main features to remember are:

  • A very good selection of black & white filters and color features
  • Give photographs a final polish, right before sharing on Instagram or just save them
  • Tilt-shift and vignette effects
  • Perspective correction, straighten, rotate, and crop
  • Sharpening, color, and exposure adjustments

Most people are already aware of the numerous photo editing features offered by Instagram, especially when it comes to filters.