The Ups and Downs of Windows Phones

By Dzhingarov

Remember back in the fall of 2012 when everyone was desperately waiting for Windows 8 phones to debut? Well, whether you love them or hate them, they’re now here. Windows 8 was a huge risk for Microsoft, and it has impacted everything from phones to all-in-one computers. Granted, they’re great for certain smartphone customers, but not for all.


No matter what you think about Windows 8 roaming into your mobile phone, it seems to be here to stay for at least as long as any technology advancement stays. Here are some of the highs and lows of Windows 8 smartphones so far:


Gaming and App Selection

Gamers rejoiced when Windows 8 came to their phones and for the hard-core fans, it’s nearly a requirement. It’s simple to find other players or buy games, and you can even connect your Xbox to a smartphone if it’s running on the system. Windows 8 significantly reduced the chasm between smartphones and gaming.


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Image source wikimedia under CC BY-SA 3.0 license


Another big concern prior to the phones’ debut was about the number of apps that would be available on the latest platform. But since Windows 8 actually excels when it comes to apps, that concern ended up being unnecessary. From weighing systems to joke apps, there are plenty of options available. Most consumers are quite happy with the quality and variety of apps, which is great news for Microsoft.


Tiles and the Hub

Android is known for numerous screens, while Apple has applet icons. Windows went in a totally different direction with a tile system, but not everyone’s loving it. It’s user-friendly with real-time information, but it still takes some getting used to. Some consumers prefer a more traditional layout.


On the other hand, the complaints about the hub, or lack thereof, are intense. The start screen is the tile, but there’s no central area where a person can go to check out everything at once. You need to pin apps to the tile screen to keep up with notifications, and unfortunately, it’s simple to lose them.


Camera and Multitasking Issues

Overall, the camera on many Windows 8 phones leaves a lot to be desired. There are few features, it requires a lot of work and it doesn’t take the best photos. For folks who depend on their phones to double as cameras, this is bad news. They’ll have to get a little more creative with Instagramming their cam shots.


However, multitasking is the real problem with Windows 8. There’s literally no way to get out of an app. Users have to keep clicking the back button until they get “out,” which is a nightmare. Although Windows 8 could definitely do with some upgrades, overall it’s a solid platform that you should try before you make a decision about it.


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