The Best Logitech Gadgets 

By Dzhingarov

Logitech makes some of the highest quality gaming and PC accessories on the market, typically at competitive prices. On Black Friday 2018, however, they’re offering some amazing offers!

The MX Master 3S provides productive features like an emoji button and snipping tool button for added productivity, seamlessly switching between three devices via Logi Flow. Furthermore, its great design offers comfortable ergonomics.

1. Logitech G Pro Wireless

This mouse is an all-round winner, boasting sleek design, plenty of features, and exceptional performance. Utilizing Logitech’s industry-leading HERO sensor – which ensures ultra-precise tracking without smoothing or filtering across its DPI range.

This ergonomic mouse features an ambidextrous shape with thumb buttons on either side and PTFE feet that glide smoothly, as well as plenty of customization options through software and a storage compartment for its USB receiver.

BenQ ZOWIE ZA12-B is the superior option, thanks to its shorter lift-off distance, lower click latency, lighter design, more consistent sensor, lighter weight and greater portability. You can use both wirelessly or wired with its included USB receiver; compatible with both Windows and macOS and customizable click through speed using G-Hub, making this an excellent choice for gamers of all skill levels.

2. Logitech G705

Logitech’s G705 portable productivity mouse may appear less like its gaming-focused peripherals we expect, yet its gaming performance stands up well against more costly competition. Boasting an incredible 8,200DPI sensitivity and fast 1,000Hz polling rate to reduce latency during gameplay.

Logitech G HUB software lets you personalize the LED LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting and Play Mood animations preloaded onto it for easier use with smaller hands. Plus, its lightweight and sculpted thumb rest design make for comfortable gameplay!

Out-of-the-box, G HUB offers three preset DPI speeds that you can switch between using the button south of the scroll wheel; additionally it allows for remapping buttons and changing RGB lighting effects. Furthermore, it will inform you about your mouse’s firmware version – should updates become necessary – display battery status, onboard memory mode information as well as display battery status information.

3. Logitech G903

The G903 mouse is designed specifically for gamers. Featuring an ergonomic and customizable ambidextrous design with 12,000dpi PMW3366 optical sensor to deliver exceptional tracking accuracy and consistency, Logitech Gaming Software’s surface tuning functionality enables you to tailor its performance for every type of surface you encounter while playing.

Lighted middle buttons and scroll wheels with freewheel mode make for excellent gaming experiences, but the Mad Catz R.A.T 4+ stands out with larger maximum CPI range, lower click latency, and onboard storage of profiles. In comparison, the G903 stands out with sturdy design features that include light-up middle button illumination as well as freewheel scroll wheel mode that’s great for gaming.

The G903 also uses Logitech’s Lightspeed wireless technology, making its use as seamless as wired when gaming. Furthermore, the PowerPlay mat enables wireless charging of your gaming rig without ever needing to plug it in or place it on a mouse stand!

4. Logitech G702

Logitech’s G702 gaming mouse provides all of its top features in a sleek, comfortable package – fast, not too light or featherweight like current trends; equipped with an responsive Hero sensor; easy setup via included software – making this an outstanding choice.

Logitech’s main selling point for this mouse is its innovative POWERPLAY wireless charging system, which works in tandem with Logitech’s special mouse pad to keep your mouse charged while you play – an ingenious concept which could save time by eliminating the hassle of plugging your mouse in every few days.

G702 features standard gaming features like programmable buttons and onboard profiles that let you store lighting, sensitivity settings, button mappings and lighting preferences – this way taking your gaming setup from computer to computer without needing dongles or the G Hub app is easier.

5. Logitech G704

Logitech’s G704 contoured dual-wireless gaming mouse from their Aurora Collection is perfect for gamers with small hands. Featuring six programmable buttons and low latency “Lightspeed” wireless connectivity.

Like its Aurora Collection counterparts, this mouse is lightweight and compact. Furthermore, it comes equipped with Logitech’s Lightsync RGB system, enabling customization through included software.

This mouse is compatible with the new Powerplay mouse pad, which charges your mouse as you play, and comes equipped with both a braided USB cable and an extender. Though a bit pricey, this high-performance and stylish mouse delivers high performance with fast response times thanks to Lightspeed technology and its 25K Hero sensor for ultrafast response times – an excellent option for gamers worldwide – including eSports pros worldwide!

6. Logitech G705 for Mac

The G705 wireless mouse features clicky, tactile buttons with smooth gliding feet for optimal use on desks and mousepads alike. Its comfortable right-handed grip and robust performance in games make it an excellent value; its integrated battery can last for up to 40 hours with illumination turned on, while its onboard memory eliminates the need for drivers or additional software installation.

It belongs to Logitech G’s Aurora Collection, which offers gaming-grade technology with premium designs tailored to gamers with smaller hands. Its ergonomic shape fits comfortably in palm, claw or fingertip grips while soft RGB lighting adds a pastel aesthetic. Furthermore, the scroll wheel features light notches for smooth operation while Logitech G Hub software lets you remap buttons and customize backlighting – and its weight is slightly greater than competing models but less than that of a Razer Orochi V2 Pro.

7. Logitech G706

The G703 FPS gaming mouse features a durable build and shape to accommodate various grip styles and hand sizes, offering great click latency and an accurate high DPI sensor, along with two RGB zones and an anti-grip material coating for comfort during gameplay. Furthermore, G-Hub allows for full polling rate configuration.

The G703 is lightweight, though you can add extra heft with a puck-style weight if desired. Additionally, this mouse includes a braided USB cable and dongle that supports Logitech’s Lightspeed wireless technology for low latency gaming, as well as a programmable scroll wheel and multiple buttons with customisable functions in G Hub such as polling rate settings or button mappings – plus battery life estimates and performance settings! Overall it’s user friendly.

8. Logitech G707

Logitech offers many pointers for users to choose from, but this one stands out as the go-to choice for many players. With a durable build and next-gen HERO sensor which offers excellent latency and performance. Plus it comes equipped with comfortable ergonomic shape compatible with most grips and hand sizes for user comfort.

G Hub offers onboard profiles, so you can save settings such as lighting, sensitivity and button mappings for later. Furthermore, you can use G Hub to adjust performance settings or customize RGB lighting effects.

The G703 is lightweight and boasts an extended battery life. However, there have been reports of software issues and interference when used near Bluetooth networks. You may also reduce weight by taking steps such as taking out its Powerplay puck – although this will impact comfort significantly. This mouse makes an excellent addition for esports players seeking to elevate their game.

9. Logitech G708

Logitech gaming pointers are known for their sturdy construction and superior performance, and have become a go-to option among both professionals and casual gamers alike. Their ergonomic, often wireless models make them a staple on desktops around the world.

Logitech’s G-series of gaming mice are known for their impressive sensor technology and gaming performance; however, they also produce a wide range of productivity mice such as their M series budget wired options and mid range multi-genre designs; with MX Master series providing enhanced work model features with gaming features as an extra perk.

The G502 Lightspeed stands as an exemplary and cost-effective gaming mouse, boasting excellent accuracy, click latency and battery life with clicky and satisfying buttons. Furthermore, its HERO sensor delivers outstanding precision while its base cable doesn’t tangle or retain kinks during storage; plus there’s G HUB software to customize performance settings and reprogram buttons if necessary.

10. Logitech G709

The G709 gaming mouse is an unassuming gaming solution that just does its job well: an effective, durable mouse with low latency Lightspeed wireless technology from Logitech and an extended battery life.

Its advanced HERO sensor offers 1:1 tracking, high DPI and low click latency for smooth clicks. Furthermore, advanced button tensioning keeps primary buttons poised to trigger for crisp, clean clicks.

Utilising its software, this mouse enables you to tailor its lighting, sensitivity, polling rate and button mappings as well as monitor battery consumption. Furthermore, its use while charging makes it an excellent option for gaming on-the-go.