The Best 8 Freeware Music Players For Windows

By Dzhingarov

We all love music so having music players on our Windows PCs is a must. And the best thing about them is there are so many freeware audio players on the market that you can easily find something that you are going to love using. Some are simple and some are very complex. But, regardless of how tech savvy you are or need to be, they are all very useful. So, without further ado, here are the very best freeware music players you can use right now on a Windows computer.


Dopamine looks quite a lot like a UWP app but it is not present in the Microsoft Store. It is a very good alternative to the classic Windows Media Player. You install it really fast and stands out as one of the most common free music player applications.

The user interface is very simple and the app is fluid. Every single important setting and option is placed so that users find them fast. Various customizations can be done if you want them to and Dopamine supports various audio formats, including WMA, MP4, MP3, M4A, FLAC, OPUS, APE, and WAV.


You might think this is an image editor but this is only because of the really similar name it shares with GIMP. AIMP actually stands for Artem Izmaylov, the name of the creator, with the first version being released in the year 2006.

AIMP is 100% top-rated and it can do so many interesting things. It even helps edit free call recording. It will not just play songs you store on your hard disk. With this music player, you can easily organize your library, create smart playlists, custom playlists, manage their meta tags, rip CDs, change skins, and much more.

AIMP includes several sound effects and a great 18-band equalizer. Almost all popular audio formats are supported. And you can also take advantage of an included sleep timer, audio converter, and a very useful alarm clock feature.


Out of all the free music players on this list, this is the one that everyone surely knows. Winamp features a very lightweight design, various customization options, and is very easy to use. The software can be used to create a media library that is very easy to use, curate playlists, get audio format support, see visualizations, and sync data with your smartphone.

The main reason why so many users loved Winamp was the fact that it had support for countless custom skins. This means the app can be decorated as you see fit. There is also some news about Winamp being revamped in the future. This new version might be pretty interesting.


MusicBee is a very useful freeware music player app that is very popular among Windows users. It is just 10 years old and works on any operating system version from Windows 7 and above. The user interface is clean and neat, with a beautiful color combination.

If you want to make a switch, just import the iTunes music library into MusicBee. Use the software to easily play various audio formats, including WMA, AAC, MP3, TAK, APE, OGG, and FLAC.

Use MusicBee to easily sync songs with your Android phones, USB drivers, some iOS devices, and many portable music players. You can even use the software to monitor changes on your hard drive. Your music library can be automatically updated.


Ever since foobar2000 was created, it gained a clear cult following. It features a modular design that is perfect for easy use. It is very easy to add new components and features and the desktop app is available on most Windows computers. There is even a portable installation available. You can even use it on iOS and Android if you want to.

The interface of foobar2000 is quite minimalistic. Many users will not enjoy it. But the truth is this is a very powerful free music player you will surely enjoy using. Foobar2000 can be used to play different audio formats, including OGG, WMA, AAC, MP3, Opus, and WAV. Use the software for CD ripping, automatic media import, and access songs inside archives like 7z, GZIP, and ZIP.


VLC is known in the industry as a very good app to play TV shows and movies. It is a complete media player that is widely popular in 2020 for all Windows users. At the same time, this open-source software can easily handle most of the music needs you have.

VLC allows you to create song playlists with ease and even stream music online. Various online radio services are housed and you can access them very fast. You will surely appreciate the included equalizer and the extra audio management features included.

VLC can play almost every single video and audio format on the market. In addition, VLC has several hidden features included that you will love. Many say this is the very best freeware music player app on the market. It is hard to argue against it.


Spotify is world-renowned for its streaming service for computers, Android, and iOS devices. However, what you might not know is that Spotify is also an incredible free music player for your Windows PC. Besides the fact that you can access the largest online music collection, you can also use the application to play the local content.

With Spotify, you can sync your music on all devices and you can even see what your friends play. All the features you need are available on your smartphone, tablet, and your Windows computer.

The only drawback of using Spotify is that it is focused on streaming. The app was not created to be an MP3 player. Not many functions are available to help you with the local music. But, if you are looking for simplicity, it is a great option.


Last but certainly not least, MediaMonkey makes it very easy to unclutter your entire music collection. At first glance, the app looks like an WMP redesigned version. But there are countless other features added.

MediaMonkey makes it a breeze to play all audio formats, tag your files, sync with different devices, stream, rip CDs, manage volume, and a whole lot more. The jukebox feature is great for parties and you can even use the app on iOS and Android if you want to.